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Some free themes would confuse you as high priced premium themes. Meet one such free high quality theme, Revera-vows. This is a wedding theme.  This  theme has all the features of the “Revera” and on top of that we have added features to make this a wedding theme.

Required plugins

The theme often requires few plugins to work the way it is originally intented to. You will find a notification on the admin panel prompting you to install the required plugins. Please install and activate the plugins.

  1. Options framework

Wedding page setup

The theme offers a custom wedding template. You can use this template to create your custom wedding homepage. The steps involved are listed below.

1. Create a new page and give it a title.

2. Select Wedding template from the Page attributes template drop down list.

3. Publish the page

4. Next you need to set this page as your homepage. Go to Reading option under settings tab.

5. Select “A static page” for front page display.

6. Select the page you created earlier from the Front page drop down list


Wedding options explained

Slider Category: Select a category for slider on the wedding page.

Slide number: Number of slides on the wedding page slider.

Welcome title: Title for the welcome message on the wedding page

Welcome message: Body of your custom message

Bride name: Name of the bride

Bride photo: Photo of the bride

Bride message: Message of the bride

Groom name: Name of the groom

Groom photo: Photo of the groom

Groom message: Message of the groom

Custom Homepage

This theme comes with a custom homepage template. To enable the custom homepage template please follow the steps below

  • Go to Admin panel > Pages and create a new PAGE item, select the homepage template, and publish it.
  • Go to Admin panel > Settings > Reading > Frontpage displays, and select ” A static page”
  • For frontpage, select the page called “home” you created earlier.
  • For posts page select another page

Theme options explained

The theme contains an options page using which you adjust various settings available on the theme.

Slider setting: There is a jQuery slider on the homepage of the theme You can use the slider to display the featured images from a selected category. From the theme options page you can select a category and the number of slides to be displayed.

Portfolio setting: You can set a particular category for your portfolio items via the theme options panel. All posts added under this category will be treated as a portfolio item.

Custom widgets on homepage: Homepage has 3 custom widget areas. You can add title, icon and text for each widget via theme option page.

Banner setting: Configure the banner ads on the sidebar

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