Featured image missing ( Themes with timthumb )

All our themes uses the wordpress featured thumbnail feature .   The featured thumbnails are processed with an image cropping library called titmthumb script. In order to see the featured thumbnails displayed on the theme you will have to make sure that all the following things are met.

1. Set featured thumbnail from post editor.

2. Make sure the image is hosted on your wordpress server. Remote linked images wont work.

3.Make sure your host supports PHP 5 and GD library script. ( Free hosting services may not meet this)

4. The cache folder in your theme should have CHMOD 755 or 777 permission

Thumbnails missing ( Themes with Aqua resizer script)
We are using Aqua resizer script on most of the recent themes to manage featured thumbnail cropping and management. It just works out of the box. So if your site is not showing thumbnails just make sure that you have added the featured thumbnail to your post or article..
Image slider not working
Before releasing, we check every component of the theme to be in working condition. So if the slider is not working on your site as shown in the theme demo plz check for few things given below.

1. Have you added featured image to the article which appears on the slider?

2. Have you set a category for the slider from the theme options?

3. Have you set the number of slides in the theme options?

4. Do you have any image slider plugin active on the site. If so try to disable them and check your site again.

5. Check if there is any other plugin that is conflicting with the slider.

What is this error on my theme? - Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_get_option()
To manage theme options page we use a plugin called Options framework in most of our themes. We include the options array file in the theme, but for the theme to work you will have to install this plugin on your site. We have included an admin notification setting in theme that would alert you to install this plugin upon theme activation. If you miss to install the plugin the theme will throw that error. So kindly look for the admin notification upon theme activation and install the required plugin.
Change Text logo to an Image logo

This is a frequently asked question. I will breakdown the solution is few steps and as simple as possible.

1.  Create and save your logo image to the images directory of your theme. In this case we name it as logo.png

2. Open the header.php template file and find the code snippet that deals with the site title. In most themes it will be like the snippet given below

<h1><a href="<?php bloginfo('siteurl');?>/" title="<?php bloginfo('name');?>">
<?php bloginfo('name');?> </a></h1>

the section highlighted in red is the code that outputs the site title.

3. We will change the above code so that we remove the site title and insert the logo image url there instead. See the snippet below how to do it. change is highlighted in green

<h1><a href="<?php bloginfo('siteurl');?>/" title="<?php bloginfo('name');?>"> 
<img src="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory');?>/images/logo.png"/> </a></h1>

Save your edits and you will be able to see your logo image on your site header now. Tweak the css if necessary to adjust the logo placement on the header .

Making Blog page to be the homepage of your site
Depending on what theme you use for you website you might what to make your blog page be the homepage instead of the static homepage. Read this article  if you want your site homepage to be different from the directory you installed WordPress.


Following is list of sample XML data files for fabthemes themes.

Theme name, Download xml Data ( Right click and save as )
Adament, Download File
Avenue, Download File
Axis, Download File
Boxoffice, Download File
Canyon, Download File
Celesta, Download File
Devion, Download File
Ebuy, Download File
Edivos, Download File
Gears, Download File
Helix, Download File
Ishop, Download File
Jobpress, Download File
June, Download File
Shuttershot, Download File
Tiberion, Download File
Ureeka, Download File
Valor, Download File
Viper, Download File
Wallbase, Download File
Western, Download File
Xenastore, Download File
Yasmin, Download File
Zenith, Download File
Zenshop, Download File
Zylyz, Download File
Other themes, Download File