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Xenon is a portfolio theme ideal for photography or design related websites. The theme is designed to function as a showcase for creative works or photographs with minimal distraction from other elements. The theme has features like, featured menu, featured thumbnail, custom background, theme options, widgetized sidebar etc. The theme also comes with an option to customize its color scheme and link colors. You can set a color scheme of your choice via the live customization feature in wordpress.

204 thoughts on “Xenon

  1. Anish says:

    Nice Theme..beautiful design.. good job…!

  2. samheel says:

    please give me the xml file og this template so that i can use it on blogger

  3. Hakan says:

    Can you help me about the content background? is it fixed? ’cause if the post is longer than it , the page looks like very simple :(

  4. Maher Anis says:

    very very nice theme in deed.
    need your help in how to disable images comments “Leave a reply”
    thanks in advance.

  5. Shihara says:

    Awesome WordPress Theme ! Thanks bro…

  6. samheel says:

    pls give the xml file for this

  7. samheel says:

    pls give the xml file for this fast

  8. samheel says:

    xxml file pleaseeeeeeeee

  9. alan says:

    this is great, i downloaded the theme on my wordpress, however I have mega issues with the ‘theme options’ i.e. changing and adding content. can you help me?!?
    thanks a million in advance.

  10. cengiz says:

    How can i set my own Logo on this Theme instead of the Text in the Sidebar?

  11. Michael says:

    On my site the thumnails do not generate… or… do not show up.
    What I’m doing wrong?

    • felipe says:

      i have the same problem. did you sort it out?

      • christian says:

        Same problem here. Don’t know what’s wrong. I made sure of everything mentioned in the FAQ and I did set the featured images but they just didn’t show up.

        • kahunagoil says:

          Just fixing mine up. While editing your post, make sure there is a ‘Featured Image’ selected in the bottom right hand corner. That will generate your thumbnail.

  12. hakan says:

    How much this desing full price ?

    Best Regards.

  13. KkK says:

    I like very much these theme.
    How can i install the theme in wordpress.com host site?

    • Greg says:

      KkK you can’t install this theme on a wordpress.com site, with the free wordpress sites you are limited to the choices offered by WordPress and this theme is not offered. You will need your own wordpress site in order to use this theme.

  14. hakan says:

    I installed the theme, but the demo does not look like the homepage or 4 as part of the article. How can I fix this.

    best regards

  15. Thanks for sharing this free WordPress theme. Nice layout and simply superb. I have also made some WordPress themes by learning from you.

  16. Shohei says:

    Hi. Ive had a problem with comment post button in a post. The bottum is white on IE.
    How can I solve it??

  17. Good theme. But no flexible width. Gonna stick with my flexi theme.

  18. @Shohei – Which IE version u r using ??

  19. Jhonny says:

    I need to know, how can I see my images on the website temp.
    I have about 30 texts with images, but I can’t see it.

    Need help!

  20. Jessica says:

    Hi! I loved this theme and I’m using it in one of my sites.
    I need to hide the title and description, but I don’t know what I have to change in the “Editor”. Does anyone knows how to do it?


  21. Beatriz says:

    I loved this theme, but I’m not using the wordpress. How can I install this theme on blogger?


  22. JT says:

    Very nice theme! However, I am having an issue with the sidebar widgets often overlapping with the search box, or pages running off the bottom of the theme when loaded by a browser the first time (clicking on the logo home button usually fixes the issue). You can see a example screenshot of what I mean here:


    Anyone know how to fix this?

    • Klimas says:

      Hi, I am unfortunately running the same issue: longer pages by refresh are running off the bottom of the theme. How is it possible to fix it or will be available revised version? Thanks, otherwise very nice theme 😉

      • JT says:

        Glad to know I am not the only one. I guess there must something off in the theme’s code. Strangely enough, the demo site seems completely fine to me, although I notice it is running on WordPress 3.5 and I am using 3.5.1. Not sure why that would make such a difference though.

        After more experimenting, I noticed that the issue for me only happens when an image is used in the post, either as featured or an insert. Removing the images fixes the issue, although that isn’t much good for a theme that is designed for showing off photos :)

        • Klimas says:

          Hi JT, looks like the function “” in footer.php makes the mess and needs adjustment? :p

          • JT says:

            Possibly. I tried deleting the entire footer file and the problem disappears (although it breaks the site in other ways). It almost seems like the footer is loading too early and doesn’t resize when for the any image in the post. Once the image is in the browser cache, the page usually reloads fine (unless forcing a page refresh).

            Hopefully the theme author notices this problem and can fix it :)

          • oanh says:

            i have the same problem. is there still no solution for it? :(
            the theme is really beautiful and it would be just more awesome, if it just worked fine…

  23. Oliver says:

    An internal server error occurred. Please try again later. I have this on my Startside. What is the Error ?? I have WP 3.5.1

    sorry for my bad english

    greets olli

  24. forum says:

    thanks man, nice themes.

  25. I have multiple bugs to work out of this theme. Looking to actually talk to someone who has it in play about my issues. How can I find someone? Google searches are not working.

  26. Richard says:

    The featured image can’t show fully on page missing 2 images at the bottom right side..anyone know the solution ? Thanks

    • tenaj says:

      AMAZING Theme but I’m running into this same issue. Can’t get those last 2 images at the bottom right side to display, Instead it paginates. I’ve tried adjusting the footer but that’s not working.

  27. Büyü says:

    Çok ba?ar?m? bir wordpress themes

  28. pummkin says:

    How do you change the fonts to make it more bigger/smaller/readable ? I need to change fonts for the Title of the blog & the blogpost body too. Thanks!

  29. Lisa says:

    I’m also trying to make sure the page background continues the entire height of the page — I have blog posts that run past the space given. I’ve tried adding the following to my .css:

    #primary .content-area .grid_9 .equal_height {
    height: 100% !important;

    …which DOES work, but only after the page has been refreshed. Still doesn’t “take” the first time one views a post. Help?

    • Gigio says:

      In file “custom.js”
      /* equal column */

      ADD AFTER:
      var t;
      t=setTimeout(function() {


      ADD AFTER:
      }, 1500);

      This will execute the equal heights calculation after 1,5 secs after the page is loaded so you are sure all the contents are loaded before the math. Adjust 1500 if you have a faster/slower server.


      • Lucas says:

        I have the same problem here, tried your solution, and it works, but now the “portifolio-box” hover effects doesn’t work, so i get the images without the text.
        Do you have any idea about what can i do to fix it?

  30. wpdesigner says:

    Hi, I am getting the following error at the bottom next to the sponsor section, how to resolved this, please could you let me know:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_get_option() in /homepages/6/d448109286/htdocs/GBNWA2/wp-content/themes/Xenon/sponsors.php on line 8

  31. very very nice theme in deed.
    need your help in how to disable images comments “Leave a reply”
    thanks in advance.

  32. An Le says:

    Nice theme.
    Thank you.

  33. hossein says:

    how to can put picture for my post in firs page?
    how to put tumb post pic?

  34. Shubh says:

    Nice Style. I think we can use this theme for making a photo based blog.

  35. Kate says:

    nice theme but I can apply my site to edit some pictures puting into background image like the demo. it express to change into text section instead of each image by click.

    Please explain how to way to manage it.

  36. good theme for gallary sites

  37. Great looking theme! Looking forward to seeing more of the same.

  38. Deborah says:

    I’m trying to use this theme for a website i’m building. loving it all, EXCEPT, when i put shortcodes into the posts/pages for sliders, etc, the column height does not extend downwards, causing the content to protrude out of the black column area. Anyone knows any fixes for that please?

  39. lyva says:

    I saw your themes on http://www.onwpthemes.com/author/fabthemes/ It direct download from its website without visit your website. Is it OK to link direct download?

  40. […] Xenon is a portfolio theme for photography or design sites. It includes a featured menu, featured thumbnail, custom background, and other theme options. […]

  41. mohammad says:

    the problem was solved

  42. Sam says:

    nice theme, I on each post the back is black. how can I change the back ground and font color on the theme.


  43. Pablo says:

    Love this theme: looks great, works great…
    Is there any way to get the entire ‘cover.png’ for each post to link to said post instead of *just* the post title?

    I’ve been able to tease out some of the file structure, but am not apt enough in js/php/etc to figure this out on my own.


  44. […] Xenon is a portfolio theme for photography or design sites. It includes a featured menu, featured thumbnail, custom background, and other theme options. […]

  45. will says:

    how do i get rid of the “You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

    " at the end of the comments box like on this website

  46. having issues with this site only displaying 7 images/boxes at a time

  47. hi, I like the theme a lot but one major problem for me is that it does not show right on mobile devices! you get a horrible zoomed in version.

    does anyone know how to fix this?

    many thanks in advance

  48. WPTheme says:

    Beautiful design!
    Nice Theme.

  49. Arturs says:

    Dear febathemes,com support team!

    First of all – thanks for your job – you are making gorgerous themes!

    I am using Xenon theme at domain kinoforum.lv and it were working great BUT now it is missing hover text which need to appear on homepage when you get mouse to picture. But there is nothing showing anymore….
    could you help me please and suggest any solution?

    Thanks & have a great day ahead,

  50. […] 2. Xenon — WordPress шаблон для сайта фотографа [скачать бесплатно] […]

  51. Jessica says:

    Very nice theme indeed! I came to this theme from Free Premium WordPress theme . They have a great collection of WordPress themes from many developers. I thought sharing that here would benefit others.
    Again thank you very much for making these great themes!

  52. This theme is really awesome..

  53. Nice, can I make this design into Prestashop? I’m designer too and I like to use this theme is very beautiful

  54. How to upload the logo on the theme? i am a bit confuse to upload it

  55. […]   3. Monaco     Demo | Download   4. Irene     Demo | Download   5. Xenon     Demo | Download (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || […]

  56. Really nice theme, thanks for sharing it.

  57. […] Xenon is a portfolio theme for photography or design sites. It includes a featured menu, featured thumbnail, custom background, and other theme options. […]

  58. adoro says:

    so good theme.

  59. […] DEMO và DOWNLOAD THEME – by Fabthemes. […]

  60. […] DEMO và DOWNLOAD THEME – by Fabthemes. […]

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  62. Nice Style. I think we can use this theme for making a photo based blog.

  63. Cua kinh says:

    Ok! I load and installing successfully

  64. Wonderful theme however may use this site to edit some pictures puting into background image like the demo. it express to change into text section instead of each image by click.

  65. Michael says:

    Having issues with the theme options. I have installed the Options Framework plug in. but everytime I go to that tab all the options disappear.

    Please Help really love this them and would like to use the customize feature.

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  67. Marvelous theme. […] Xenon […]

  68. very nice theme, how can I buy it?

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  70. […] Xenon is beautiful wordpress theme for freelancers, graphics designers, creative professionals and more. The theme is using all the latest web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery and is available to download for free for your blog. Live DemoDownload! […]

  71. Wonderful post,it is such an interesting post,Thanks for sharing.

  72. Will says:

    It’s really ideal as a photography website.

  73. deky says:

    excellent article, I do not get bored reading it. thank you for sharing.

  74. You got an extremely helpful website I actually have been here reading for regarding an hour. I’m an initiate and your success is incredibly a lot of a concept on behalf of me.

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  77. tizzastre says:

    Hi, Great theme. Please tell me where are the language files. I have to translate it.


  78. Xenon is a portfolio theme ideal for photography or design related websites , Thanks

  79. Paul Cobb says:

    Has this theme been updated recently – I have 1.1 – but installed a couple of years ago?
    Is it auto updated?


  80. I used this theme already very good

  81. Great Post. Really it will help lot of people. Thanks for the post.

  82. […] Xenon is a portfolio theme ideal for photography or design related websites. The theme is designed to function as a showcase for creative works or photographs with minimal distraction from other elements. Live Demo Download […]

  83. Hello dear,Xenon is a portfolio theme ideal for photography or design related websites

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  125. Hello,Xenon is a portfolio theme ideal for photography or design related website,Thanks

  126. theme has features like, featured menu, featured thumbnail,,,

  127. The xenon theme is fantastic, love it. Thanks

  128. روسیه says:

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  129. theme is very nice .
    But the submit comment in this theme after submit button will lock onto loading ?
    This happens even in the demo
    thank you

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  131. میگر says:

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  132. Anil Kumar says:

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