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Viper is a free affiliate directory WordPress theme. This is a WordPress 3+ ready theme with features like custom menu, featured images, custom post type, custom taxonomy, and jQuery image slider on the custom homepage template. Theme also comes with an option panel.

Products listing

This theme is an affiliate directory theme. This will list you affiliate products in a neat gallery form much similar to ecommerce themes. We use a custom post template called “products” to list the affiliate products. Listing a product is very similar to creating a post. You can enter the product name product details in the post editor. Add the product image as the featured image. You can add the product affiliate url , a mini description and product price in the metabox section.

Custom homepage template

The theme comes with a custom homepage template. You have to use the static front page feature under the reading settings. How it can be done is explained below.

  1. Create a new page called home and give it the “homepage template” from page attributes.
  2. Create another page called blog.
  3. Go to Settings > Reading > front page displays
  4. Select Static page.
  5. Select “Home” for front page .
  6. Select “Blog” for blog page

Theme options explained

The theme contains an options page using which you adjust various settings available on the theme.

Products per page: You can use this option to set the number of products shown per page. This will abe applied on the homepage and product category pages

Offer banner: Enter an offer banner image url. This will appear on the right side of the slider.

Slider category: Select the product department for the slider.

Number of slides: Set a number for the slides

Banner setting: Configure the banner ads on the sidebar

3.98 avg. rating (79% score) - 281 votes

  • hari

    The theme is awesome, but there is a small issue that I am unable to figure out. The issue is that product image is not showing up. Is there any size or dimension limit on the image. I am using 125×125 px image. The slider is also not showing any image. Any help is appreciated in this regard.

    • stefan

      Already found a solution? I have the same problem 🙁

      • stewart

        set the product image as ‘featured image’ it will then appear

        • Achalesh

          i’m getting the below error when I set the product image as ‘featured image’

          Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in E:\Webs\WP\WP38\wp-content\themes\Viper\aq_resizer.php on line 90

          • Cream Walet Gold Super

            Thanks for nice tutorial, it really worked man.

          • Jual Emilay Breast Asli

            I can’t solve the same error, anyone find the solution?

          • Harga Jual Sofa Minimalis

            Thank you for this great information. I have found something on this!

    • michaelfrank

      how can i post product in home page?

      can help me please?

    • Parul

      #OnlineShopping, #OnlineRecharge, #ShopMore #CashbackOffer, #BestDiscountOffer, #TodayOffer, #TodayDeal, #TopOffer

  • Alicia

    can use autoblog plugin??? nice and clean theme

  • Wayland Beavers

    Im currently not hosting the site that I’m building yet i was wondering if i could get some insight on how to get a image to work in the red square thats to the right of the slider on the home page

    • Mark

      It is easier and faster, you can modify the style.css file:
      # banner-block {
      width: 340px;
      height: 360px;
      background: # EB3807 url (images/off1.jpg);
      float: left;
      it’s just I added -> url (images / yours.jpg);
      And you can put what you want photo and add a link to it 🙂

    • sean

      Ive been looking for this question to be posted by someone else for days. Thank you!

  • azizah

    I m using viper theme but the offer banner is not displaying image. Can you help

    • Adeola Adegboyega

      Hi Azizah.

      The promotion banner did not work for me also, it will not work if you simply copy and past a url into the box, it will only show the url text and not the image. But it worked with this method.

      1) Make sure the banner you want is saved on your computer it should not be more than 340 x 360 in size, then go to “Media” section on wordpress and upload the banner.

      2) Then go to the “Pages” section on wordpress and select the “Home” Page, and click “Add Media”. You have the option to select the banner you uploaded from your computer. Select this banner and on the right of the page, next to “Alignment” select “right”, next to “size” just below “Alignment” select full size which should be no more than 340 x 360.

      Then select “Insert into page”, make sure that you image is on the right side of the box and then select “update” to save the changes.

      3) Next, look on the top right, above your image you will see 2 tabs “Visual” and “Text”, select the “text” tab. You will see a link code, copy all of the text in this box.

      4) Now go to “Appearance” section on wordpress then select “Theme options”. Look for the “Offer Banner”, then paste the link code you copied before from the “Text” tab in to the “Offer Banner” box and then select “Save changes”.

      5) Make sure the changes are saved and then go to your official wordpress website and refresh the page. You should be able to see your promotion banner on the right with the image you selected.

      If in any event you do not see this promotion banner, start again from step 1 and make sure all the instructions are followed accordingly.

      Good Luck.

      • hip

        tienes que colocarlo dentro de una etiqueta

        zas ahi queda perfecto

        you have to place it in a label

      • hip

        usa la etiqueta img y coloca la ruta en src=””
        y aparecera tu banner

      • Techyugaa

        Thanks for nice tutorial, it really worked man.

      • Arun

        it worked. Thx Bud

      • puneet

        just set the image as featured image and it will work

      • Mabzza

        Thank you, worked perfectly.

      • Elliott C

        That was a very methodical description to get the banner ad to work. Although I am having difficulty with Step 3 (I hope). I’m not able to see any option for “Text” or “Visual”. Is it in the modal for when you are adding the image OR when you’re editing the page? Thanks!

      • sean

        Wonderful Thanks!

  • Benoit V.

    @Azizah. Just put your image complete markup, in the Homepage Tab of theme options field, like in this example :

    • Danilo

      offer banner is not displaying image. Can you help, did not work, I put the url but the image does not appear, only appears the url

    • Favero

      Good night I did this procedure but does not work, only shows the url of the image and not the banner offer, could explain to me how to do?

  • Paul

    is it possible to import products out of a xml to use with this theme?

    • stewart

      I would also like to know if there is a way to bulk upload multiple products from xml/csv file. Thanks

  • André Moreira

    How do i add the boy now button from my merchant paypal account?

  • Albibet

    I have been using Viper for my client. Its superb. do you still have another product listing themes? Need to create another client’s web

  • h?ng ecom

    very nice but i need product tags , how can i get it ?
    tks in advance

  • Tiron

    Very nice theme! Love it!

    The problem is that when i press [2] to go to the second page of the homepage, it redirects me to the initial homepage.
    Can you help me with this problem?Thank you!

  • e cigarette

    having a little problem getting the orange banner to display on a site. I have put posts under the category and still isn’t displaying. Any help?

  • e cigarette

    got it to work – Appearance > Menus
    Then add the top menus. Thanks and I have enjoyed this theme.

  • goz

    i use viper theme, but after that i cannot login my wordpress :
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_themes() in /home/u417033820/public_html/wp-content/themes/Viper/updater.php on line 124

    can u help me

    • Coco Laura

      It may be by the Options Framework plugin that is not installed “The required plugin is inactive following: Framework Option”

      • Snake

        Thanks so much, Coco Laura.

        I had the same prob like goz and with your explanation it works now realy nice.

        Thumbs up!

  • goz

    i used viper teme but after that i can not login my wordpress :
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_themes() in /home/u417033820/public_html/wp-content/themes/Viper/updater.php on line 124

    can u help me

  • Martijn Witvliet

    When I add a new product, it’s not possible to add a featured image. The button ‘featured image’ is availiable, but i cannot select any image. I uploaded some images to a server, but te button ‘ set featured image’ is a sort of light grey and unavaillable. Please help me, i haven’t installed any conflicting plugins

  • vps

    I really love this site. You write about very interesting things. Thanks for all your tips and information.

  • Mark

    Does anyone have access to exactly the sample database for this template?.
    Of course, for a fee.

    • Tam Vo


      Did you have sample database/xml for this template. I’m really love this template but it’s hard to build it from scratch.

      Thanks a lot

  • BraidedBarbie

    I’m looking for a product listing template for 10k products that are in .csv format. does this template allow .csv uploads. I already have a blog so the product listing template would be embedded within a page, would this cause any conflict within my existing template

  • Oleh

    Awesome clean theme! Easy to setup. Actually I was looking for something with shopping cart. I’m already inlove with this theme, any idea which cart plugin I could use to make it work simplest way?

  • fitgura

    Hi Master of this theme!

    First of all I need to say a deep thaks for this work! Simply great and exactly what I need!

    Only have 2 questions please:

    1. I do not see the search bar on the header as the printscreen shows it on the top right of this page above the live demo button!

    2. could I somehow modify the css (I do not know 960css) only on homepage to see 3 columns of products and the sidebar
    (I know how to put the sidebar in the php) but need to know what to modify in style to see products as in categories – only 3 columns

    Could you please advise me?

    • Mark

      do you know how to turn off the Search bar?

  • Peter

    link to your www please…

    • Peter

      You use google translator 🙂 ? … I also … I do not understand very well your question 🙂

  • Emas Batam

    Wow, what a great theme for affiliate and online store. I really like it. I’ll use it for my next project or better to makeover my old sites.

    Can we use Viper with Amazon plugin? I bet I can…

    Keep good work and keep sharing 🙂
    Emas Batam

    • Carvs

      Hey Emas, did you get the theme working with the Amazon Affiliate theme?

  • säkerhetsdörr

    Hi! Fantastic stuff, make sure you do signify when you post yet again something similar!

  • Mario

    Hi all,

    I have a problem and I can’t continue my website without fixing it. The problem is that I create some pages like “Blog”, “Contact” and a few more but they don’t appear in the menu bar, I can only see “Department”. I tried to put the static page mode on and the homepage style for default but I can’t even see it. Can anybody help me?


    • Claire

      Hi Mario,

      After finishing setting up some pages, you can go to “Appearance” ->”Menus” tab to set up homepage navigation part. choose these pages to a menu and set up primary menu. That will appear in the left of the “Department” drop-down part. Hope it helpful.

  • Horvath

    Nice Theme. I wish you all the best!

  • Mac

    I love your theme, the colors and everything. I’m just wondering why the search results are not clickable. They just lay there with the title and excerpt.

  • Claire

    Yeah, it’s very clean and easy to configure. At first, everything goes well. But I met something after several days. If I visit a product introduction page, however it shows me a 404 error page. How to fix it? Hope to get your email. Thanks.

    • kremoni

      did you found a solution? i’m getting the same problem 🙁

      • kremoni

        never mind I found how to fix it!
        it was because of a problem in my .htaccess

        • Mark

          Could you explain the problem . do you know how to turn off the search bar in the top right?

          please email me at [email protected]

          I havnt been able to receive any emails also

  • Liz

    I cannot figure how why the department page does not show the same number of products I specified in Theme Option. The homepage seems to obey this setting, but not the department page. Right now, it shows three rows of product, the third row is missing two products even though they should be displayed. Can someone please please help me?

  • Sebastian

    It is really nice. I love this thema. Its so awesome. I use it on my own blog.

  • Tito Wicaksono

    i’m confused for ready use this themes.

  • Buyu

    i’m confused for ready use this themes.

  • Eunice

    My layout is not showing in the right way, please help

  • Chris

    Hi there,

    Viper is a great theme but I have some questions:

    How can I remove the word ‘department’ from the url? Instead of, I would like to see:

    How can I remove the word ‘product’ from the url? Instead of, I would like to see: OR


    • Jordi

      Have you fixed it? I have the same situation.

      many thanks,

  • Dunc


    When i tried the above, i got the following error :

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_get_option() in /home/debtmana/public_html/homepropertyblog/wp-content/themes/Viper/homepage.php on line 26

    Can you help?


  • Dunc

    Hi – ok above comment can be deleted.

    It is installed now, but when i create a post, i see no option for adding a ‘product’ theme to the post?

    Can you help?


    • BOC

      wonderful put up, very informative.
      You must continue your writing. I’m sure, you have a huge readers’ base already!
      Windows 8.1

      • BOC

        keep it up..Thanks 🙂

  • Sun

    Any bodies know how to add the product images? How to use the featured image?

  • Allan Grafil


    This is a nice and clean wordpress e-commerce theme. I have followed the instructions in theme documentation inside the wordpress admin page and its working fine.

    My nexr step is in purchasing part. Once I click the “purchase” button at the product nothing is happning. In the demo once you do that it goes to ebay website. How will it go to my cart?


  • Ionut

    To add tags to products go to viper/functions.php and insert :
    // add tag support to products
    function tags_support_all() {
    register_taxonomy_for_object_type(‘post_tag’, ‘products’);
    // ensure all tags are included in queries
    function tags_support_query($wp_query) {
    if ($wp_query->get(‘tag’)) $wp_query->set(‘post_type’, ‘any’);
    // tag hooks
    add_action(‘init’, ‘tags_support_all’);
    add_action(‘pre_get_posts’, ‘tags_support_query’);

    After go to /Viper / content-products.php , find :

    After these cod insert:
    ‘); ?>
    Enoy! If you like my comment visit my site. Thx

    • Leo

      hi whats the change need to do in /Viper / content-products.php?

      thanks in advance

    • Arun

      Please let us know what to do the change in content-products.php to enable this. plz. very much appreciate it

    • Tom

      The code was cut out, please help if you figure it out

  • kafa basketbolu

    I have been using Viper for my client. Its superb. do you still have another product listing themes? Need to create another client’s web

  • kassasystemen

    Awesome theme! Perfect for affiliate marketing =)

  • lee

    Hi there thanks for making such a fantastic theme. I was wondering if its possible to add related products underneath my products.

    thank you.

  • Luis

    I’m trying to exclude a department from the dropdown department menu, but I can’t figure out how to…
    Any idea? Thanks for your help!

  • Jelle van der Schoot

    Please tell me: is it possible to change ‘products’ and ‘department’ (in the URLs) into %categoryname%? Lots of people asking this, please answer!

  • mas ranto

    very nice and good looking theme , i like

  • Blake

    Awesome theme, I have just started to build an affiliate site and am wondering if there is a way to remove the “department” dropdown box on he Homepage? I’m gonna continue to try to figure it out, but any help would be much appreciated!!

  • Preetham


    Awesome theme.

    only issue i’m facing is, i have a plugin called “Affiliate Link Cloaker”, it integrates with regular post editor, since viper user Products for Posts, my plugin is not integrated.
    Please help me, i really need this plugin to fit into Products posting.

  • meb oyun

    Hello I’m confused for ready use this themes.

  • Kavi

    Thank you for the awesome theme. Perfect for affiliate marketing.

  • name

    its possible translate price and purchase buttons?

  • Anna

    I have different brands of the same basic products on my site. My departments have child departments but in the dropdown, it’s displaying like this:

    Brand A
    Brand B
    Brand C

    Same with custom menus on the sidebar. It should look like:

    Brand A
    Brand B
    Brand C

    How do I fix this?

  • fmxcs

    Hii.. I using the viper theme. Nice and easy to moderate but i have got a problem. When i update the admin control panel, sometimes the data can’t saved. How to fix it?.. I also try repair the database but that not solve the problem. Help me, please..

  • F.Kempkes

    Nice Themes!!!!

  • Travis Clifton

    How to ingwtnridnof the sponsors add on the right side toolbar? Or how do I fix the link so it does to show an error?

  • Mattias

    Hello! Love this theme, but I want it to be shown as the demo, because I want to start working from there… This has probably an obvious answer but I’m very new into this. thanks!

    • mike L

      ye I wonder the same… I’ve start to work with wordpress instead of thanx for any reply!! /Michael


    hello master, how to add logo in this template? thanks

  • Mohammed Iqbal

    Hello Admin, You did a great job . These many themes very helpful for new bloggers in wordpress world. All the best for future work..

  • George

    Can you somehow mask the aff links?

  • Michell

    My goodness you created a great theme for free. You are amazing, thank you very much. I just follow your instructions and I did it no problem at all. The theme is elegant and it’s the best I seen for a while. Thank you! very veryyyyyyyyyyyyy much.

  • amir

    Hello my friend
    I have a problem with this theme
    When a product is finish in store, I can not remove product page for Google indexing .
    So , i should take the product only of home page .
    But plugins not support to ‘product’ and ‘department’ options.
    this plugins (wp-exclude-from-homepage.1.1.2 and wp-exclude-from-homepage.1.1.2 ) support for category but not support ‘department’ !!!
    Dear admin can you suggest a way for help me ?
    Please explain to me as a beginner.

    and thank you for this free theme

    • Malik


      Great theme! Very good and simple.

      I have a same problem, I want only products from one department to show on homepage.

      Please let me know if you have the solution.

  • tirta

    hai..thanks for the themes..its really great and useful.

    i’ve i little bit problem with buy now button on my website the link is not going to the right url.there is always “domain name” in front of it. its always show “” .can anyone help me?

  • Marius

    Please tell me: is it possible to change ‘products’ and ‘department’ (in the URLs) into %categoryname%? Lots of people asking this, please answer!

  • kidney disease symptoms

    We are often to blogging and i also really thank you for content. The content has really peaks my awareness. I am going to bookmark your site and checking for new information.

  • david

    Nice job, it


    Very nice theme, thank you! I have one question. How can I make it possible to return the description for a department. I found a quick and dirty way to get a text for the home-page but not for the departments. Would be soo happy, if you can help me. I “just” need a custom text for every department.

    Best Regards,

  • jake

    Thank you for sharing excellent informations. Your website is very cool. I’m impressed by the details that you

  • Mike

    This is a great theme, i am using it for my website and i am verry happy with it. I recommend this theme to any one that is looking for a proffesional theme for wordpress.

  • Christine Kaplan

    Most worthless piece of shit I’ve come across yet.

  • Gosta

    Is there any compatible mobile plugin for this theme to make it more usable for phones?

  • website worth

    Very useful thanks a lot.

  • Gokkasten

    Just bought this theme, great one!

  • Satya

    I have an issue with this theme, in view details page , I find two images. How to fix this ??

  • mario

    i run latest wp Parker
    when i make a post there is option for only Aside , idont see the post option for Product.

    am i looking in the wrong place?

    • Mark

      So you need to fucus on the Products , Not the Posts – this is where you will place all of your items

  • Mao

    Awesome theme, I hope you consider to make it compatible with mobile’s.

  • Agen Propolis

    This is really suitable for my online store, yippie…

  • Danny steeghs

    Hi great them.

    How can i place my own logo in the header?
    I have a png image. I cant find the location in the theme.

    Cheers Danny

  • Minyak Ikan

    The themes on your blog are amazing. I love em all

  • Protrendy It Solution

    Viper is a free affiliate directory WordPress theme Very Nice I liked

  • Linnette

    I’m loving the viper theme. I’m new to web design stuff so forgive my dumb question BUT on my home page I get the words “Sorry but you are looking for something that isn’t here.” Why do I have that? and how do I get rid of it?

  • Hry na playstation

    Plugin Simple Custom Post Order is strongly recemended. You can than sort order of products easily, with this plugin this theme is suberb.

  • Sam

    Few questions about this theme before I go for it. Really appreciate help!

    Can I have users post reviews/star ratings? Where would this live?

    On product grids, is there a left tool bar navigation with sort/filters?

    Is there only one slider option per page, or could I have multiple rows of sliders?

    Can I mouse hover over the static top toolbar categories to see a popup of subcategories?


  • Tom

    Is there anyone, who finded out, how to change /products/ definition in product detail? I need for expample /game/. I can not find it, please help.

    • istanbul şişli masaj salonu

      You have a beautiful site and themes..

  • jim sound

    Your download link and share is not working. I so want to download the theme. Please help

  • Markus

    Same question here:

    Is there anyone, who finded out, how to change /products/ definition in product detail? I need for expample /game/. I can not find it, please help.

    Any solution for this? I tried to find by myself but couldn´t find anything.


  • MR.Black

    How To remove Blog on Search box

  • alzara

    woow nice themes, but how can i download this themes..
    i was click share to download..

  • Malik


    Great theme! Very good and simple.

    I want only products from one department to show on homepage. Please let me know if you have the solution for this.

    All the best

    • fingerprint

      thank for sharring my friend

  • Mike

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know how to make product image/buy now links to open in a new tab??

    I usually simply add target=”_blank” but I dont know where to embed in the actual theme


  • Adhitya Fernando

    Thank you for this great theme.

    I’d like to ask how to change the background? I’d like to use my own image and colour. And how to reduce the space under the header and the space below the footer? The space is to wide.

    Thank you.

    • Farran

      I would also like to modify my background image. Can anyone help with this?

  • Cheenu Lott

    Thank you for the post its worked in very efficient way . Thank you for sharing .

  • zoltiano

    I would be appreciated if anyone could provide some help in making the viper theme to present three products per row instead of four on its homepage.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Igor

    nice !!!!

  • jackson

    Hi, Firstly, great theme 🙂
    I just have a little query regarding no follow links, when you list a product at the top of your product listing is a green button that has purchase now written on it, that is where you will add your affiliate link…

    (nice feature) I am just wondering if that is automatically made into an no follow link or if there is a way to do so… It is crucial these days if you want to get anywhere with google and not to pass page rank to the site you are linking to.

    Any help would be appreciated… ps I am not so flash with coding

  • Jelly Gamat Gold G

    Really nice theme, thanks for sharing it..

  • Björn

    The Theme is really nice but how do you make it W3C Valid ?

  • Obat Tuberkulosis

    wow is the best themes.. i like it

  • alat tulis murah

    izin download theme nya.

  • Mark

    Im trying to link to the Amazon best sellers page using the offer button. However its not working. Im taking the HTML code thats generated by amazon associates and pasting it in that box – is this the right way to do it?

  • Mark

    Hi I cant seem to get the blog working under the categories. Could you help please?

    Even when i tag a category it doesn’t appear under the correct business sub menu.

  • ilanoriko

    Hello.. does the viper theme has child theme?

  • Mark

    I cant download the update for some reason – could someone PLEEAAASSSSEEEEE help me 🙂 thanks

  • nawid

    Hello Everyone,

    how can i add a logo instead of the header text in this theme,


  • piter

    I cannot figure how why the department page does not show the same number of products I specified in Theme Option. The homepage seems to obey this setting, but not the department page. Right now, it shows three rows of product, the third row is missing two products even though they should be displayed. Can someone please please help me?

  • Mark

    nobody answers any of these queries – i know its a free theme but still!. I guess people gradually migrate to a paid theme..

  • Alan

    Is there any way to add social sharing icons on each page?

  • Kapsul Pankreas

    Can I use this kind of theme with e-commerce plugin?

  • Mici Clothes

    I have already buy other premium theme for my online shop and it is as good as Viper plus the shopping cart

  • Bisnis dari Internet

    how to change the New Arrival adn Big Offers colors?

  • rafael

    I want to put a image in Offer Banner, but i can`t. How Can i do it? And i would like to change language button, is in english and i want to spanish.

  • Diasis Care Capsule

    thanks very much

  • Sam

    Hi, where can I find ” %3$s” in the theme? I need to change it to make Google Authorship work

    thank you

  • Sujith

    Very nice theme. Am buying this.

  • Matteo Raggi

    I have done an html/css work of the responsive version of the viper theme. Who want to help me to apply these codes on the viper theme? Who want a viper responsive theme?

    • Stuart Phillips

      That would be incredible. Very impressive, would love to see what you have?

    • Farran Lumb

      I would also love to see a Responsive version. I am currently debating rebuilding my website on a responsive theme, but would love if Viper could just incorporate compatibility with phones into the original theme. Did you make any progress with this?

    • Kiran

      Does anyone has responsive template of this?

  • Anon

    Very nice theme. Am buying this.

  • Andrea Couvert

    I Use Viper theme, very nice, but please I need to change the text “Leave a Reply” in the comment, I search on comments.php but I not find. Someone have the answer?

  • Andrea Couvert

    I solve the problem in my previous post.
    On the comments.php file I find:
    comment_form( $args );
    and I changed with:
    comment_form( array( ‘title_reply’ => ‘Comment here please’, ‘label_submit’ => ‘Go go go!’ ) ); ?>

  • ABE Network Indonesia

    Nice theme with a good discussion (comments), very helpful. Thanks

  • VK

    How to change featured images as External url images

  • jamie

    si alguien sabe porque en new arrival no sale la foto del producto o que hacer para que aparesca porque cuando pongo el link de amazon solo sale la infor del producto sin foto y en otros sitios he visto el mismo tema y las fotos yo lo estoy usando en mi sitio pero sin fotos ayuda porfabor

  • Gigih Aprian

    Whether it will change in its currency?

  • dude

    Hello, someone knows if i can convert viper affiliate theme to a real ecommerce? thanks you

  • Chris

    Hi there

    Has anyone tried this with the affiliate feed plugin? I’m keen to find a good theme that plays nicely with Datafeedr!! It’s a bit tough to work with and looks naff out of the box.


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