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Vasiliki wordpress theme

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Vasiliki is our new fab series wordpress theme. This is a minimalistic theme with jQuery masonry – A dynamic grid layout plugin. It re arranges the content grids in a brick fashion with smooth animation according the browser window size. The theme is WordPress 3 ready with features like, custom menu, featured thumbnails, theme options, Twitter widget, Banner ads, etc.

42 thoughts on “Vasiliki

  1. skorpyo says:

    I like this theme so much, but I seem to have a big problem. Doesn’t matter what I try to visit, either the single post page, the category page or the tag one, I get a 404 error, although there are posts published. Please help!

  2. Mohammad Arif says:

    This theme is displaying all the posts on homepage, so, any solution to reduce the posts on the homepage? I have more then 200 Posts, if all the posts will be displayed on the homepage then it will be difficult for low speed internet connection’s users to load the website and I may loss the traffic. Can you give me some information for reducing posts on the homepage?

  3. abay says:

    how to edit navigation bar…. i can’t make new title for blogger

  4. amir says:

    in thumbnail.php has a base code 64.why?

  5. Metaphix says:

    Sweet theme. Thanks for the giving it out for free.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Yandi says:

    Thanks you, I permit to download and use it for my blogs
    Visit back

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    Good luck

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  9. merci tres simple blog

  10. Frank says:

    I love this theme, but I have a problem now.
    When my post doesn’t have any pictures, there will appear an error thumbnail picture, it’s ugly, how to remove it?
    Please reply me, thank you very much

  11. JF says:

    Hey, I really appreciate the free theme. However I just installed it on a fresh wp 3.7.1 install and the posts don’t re-arrange themselves, like you see in the live demo above. Instead there’s gaps between each post box. I didn’t modify the code at all…Thanks for any help.

  12. Erica says:

    Comments are not showing up on Pages. Is there a way to enable this?

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  14. Hamermaster says:

    This theme is exactly what i wanted !!

  15. Mirabelle says:

    Sorry for my bad English… Is the menu’s theme responsive by default ? or I must do something ?

    Thks for your responsive,


  16. Rebecca says:

    Where could I edit the default width for a single post? It looks great on my phone, but on a regular web browser there seems to be a lot of empty space to the right side of the screen.

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  18. Michael Morken says:

    I cannot get the Sponsors text and the Twitter Updates to get removed from the sidebar. Any help?

  19. Please use this program again in other colors

  20. Vasiliki is our new fab series wordpress theme, Thanks

  21. This theme is magnificent!
    Please have a look at
    which is my website.

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