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Siren is a responsive WordPress theme. This responsive theme is built upon the responsive grid system  called RWDgrid .  The theme will adjust itself to fit on various display devices. The content will adjust between 1200px for widescreen desktops to 300px for mobile devices.  This is a WordPress 3+ ready theme with features like custom menu, featured images, widgetized sidebar, and customizable call to action section , jQuery image slider on the custom homepage template. Theme also comes with an option panel.

Custom homepage template.

The theme comes with a custom homepage feature. That means you can set a custom homepage using the static homepage feature in wordpress. The process is simple as listed below.

1. Create a new page , give it a title ‘Home’ and then select the homepage template from the page attributes.

2. Go to the Reading menu under  the settings tab and select static page option for front page.

3. Select the ‘Home’ page as front page.

The following video shows the process.

Theme customization

The theme comes with a customization setting. You will be able to adjust the color scheme, link color link hover color etc via the customization panel. Please check the screencast below to see it in action.

Theme options explained

The theme contains an options page using which you adjust various settings available on the theme.

Blog posts on homepage: You can set the number of posts to show on the homepage.

Slider category: Select a category for the jQuery image slider

Number of slides: Set a number for the slides

Banner setting: Configure the banner ads on the sidebar

3.51 avg. rating (70% score) - 127 votes

  • Maurice

    Hi, thanks for the theme. It says it can use three columns, but how do I activate the third column?

    • Jasa SEO

      Be patient to explore the theme. There you will find what you need.

  • RH

    Hi, I really like your themes, however, they are not in the Appearance > Manage Themes section of WordPress. The template that I would like to use is SIREN, but I am having trouble understanding how to use it with WordPress. Hope you can help!

    Thank you!

    • Biaya Jasa SEO

      Great Theme.
      Ist there an easy way to change the colour of the navigation Menue background and font?
      Where should it be placed ideally?
      Thanks a lot.

  • Greg

    I love the look of all these!

    However, the home page is showing a bunch of CSS under the caption for each slider image and under each blog post thumbnail.

    Also, what exactly is the license for your themes? They are quite beautiful, but I need to know what rights my clients and I have if we use one.


  • John

    Hi, I love this theme…

    But I found a little problem here, .. Please check my site
    All images of homepage (including in the slider) don’t show . Do you have any idea to solve it?


  • edi

    i install this theme on my wordpress site
    but dropdown menu not working!
    What should I do?

    • Jasa SEO Murah Bergaransi Halaman 1 Google

      I was wondering if it would be possible to add a logo before the blog’s name. I’ve tried with the theme editor and no results..

  • Adri

    Hi there! Thank you for your fantastic theme.
    I was wondering if it would be possible to add a logo before the blog’s name. I’ve tried with the theme editor and no results..

    • Jens

      That I would like use also…

  • Nic

    Just started using your theme and I can’t get my pictures to show in full screen when people click on them? How can I fix this?


  • Lanre

    How can i connect this to my facebook

  • Bjorn

    Hey, thanks a lot for this theme, how could I present the photos on the frontpage?

  • Tracy

    Hi. Only current complaint I have about this theme is that there is no option to continue to older posts…how can this be remedied?

  • Bilge

    I’m having a problem while trying to activate the custom hompage. I have exactly followed the instructions in the video but instead of the pictures i only see hello word. Can you please help me?

  • nick

    I’m having the exact same problem as bilge. Custom homepage just acticvates as hello world without any layout. Makes it useless.

    • Hannes

      You have to set a featured image to your post. Then the slider will show your posts image.

  • Manoela

    The slider option does not show my categories 🙁

  • marv

    how do i load pictures into the slider and the 3 boxes?
    how do we write to the author>?

    • AVALON7

      Make sure you have a featured image in each post that is in the category you want to have the slider show. You have to create a new post for each image shown, and the photo will link to that post.
      The 3 boxes are your most recent blog posts- they also must have a featured image in order for a photo to be shown there.

      • Kenn

        Is it possible to set things so that the “three boxes” or most recent posts do not show the same as when they are in the slider?

        I have the slider using a category of “Featured” but I do not want to see the same thing in the recent post below it.

        A little help?

  • Novell

    it’s amazing theme
    thx ^_^

  • Eric

    Having some issues integrating the Facebook plug-in to this theme. Is this 100% compatible with the official Facebook plug-in? Most notably, when I Like a post, it doesn’t expand properly, but there are some other issues. Thanks!

  • Mehdi Shahamirian

    I have installed the theme and set the home, blog page but I have a problem with the slider,

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_get_option() in /home/qashqait/public_html/en/wp-content/themes/Siren/slide.php on line 5

    What plugins do I need to use this theme?

    • jennifer

      I am having the same error

      • jennifer

        you have to install the open framework in plugins

  • Alodia

    Is there a way to add more widgets to the homepage?

  • Featured images with pages instead of posts?

    Great theme…got everything to work. I was wondering however…is it possible to use the slider & featured images with regular pages instead of blog posts? I have more of a static site but still want to use the slider.
    Thanks -Jason

    • Jens

      That is also one of my questions…

  • Mark

    Good theme. Thank you. Any way of changing the colour black in the header to something else?



  • Tabatha Wrisley

    I downloaded and activated this theme but for some reason the home page template is not working? Please help!

  • Ratcoon

    I tweeted twice and still can’t download. What do I do now?

  • Jens

    Great Theme.
    Ist there an easy way to change the colour of the navigation Menue background and font?
    Where should it be placed ideally?
    Thanks a lot.

  • Nacho

    I would like to leave posts fixed in the main page to emphasize diferent sections of my company.
    I wish the new posts appear in the blog section and not delete the post in the main page who emphasize diferent sections of my company.

    I tried putting the posts (of different sections of my company) as “Public/Stick this post to the front page” but when I write a new post in “Public” the post (of different sections of my company) disappear.

  • Nacho

    I would like the blog post showed six fixed on the homepage and the rest of the post just appeared on the blog. ¿How I can do this?

  • Laxxen

    Hello, is the theme compatible with wordpress 3.7.1?

  • spaccio woolrich bologna

    Thanks, Joi! We usually stay on the lighter side of things, but sometimes a dose of reality is required elsewhere.

  • baidyanath

    Not able to download after I tweet for the theme, no change of button for download the theme.

  • Alex


  • วิธีทำอาหารไทย

    Great Theme.
    Ist there an easy way to change the colour of the navigation Menue background and font?
    Where should it be placed ideally?
    Thanks a lot.


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