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Revera is a free premium wordpress theme based on the Bootstrap 3 framework. This is a responsive wordpress theme with all the bootstrap goodness packed in it. The theme is WordPress 3.6 ready. The theme comes with features like, custom menu, featured images, custom homepage template, portfolio page template , widgetized sidebar and footer, custom widgets on homepage,  theme option page etc.

Theme options

1.Slider category – Set a category for jQuery slider on the homepage.

2. Number of slides – Set a number of slides on the jQuery slider.

3. Portfolio category – The portfolio uses category to identify the contents. So assign a category for portfolio items.

4. Portfolio items per page – Set the number of portfolio items per page.

5. Homepage widgets – The homepage template contains 3 custom widget areas that can be configured from the options panel. You can enter a widget title, widget text and a widget icon. For the widget icon name plz refer the bootstrap glyphicons.

6. Banner settings – Configure the banner ads.

Custom Homepage

This theme comes with a custom homepage template. To enable the custom homepage template please follow the steps below

  • Go to Admin panel > Pages and create a new PAGE item, select the homepage template, and publish it.
  • Go to Admin panel > Settings > Reading > Frontpage displays, and select ” A static page”
  • For frontpage, select the page called “home” you created earlier.
  • For posts page select another page


396 votes, 4.03 avg. rating (80% score)

  • Friday E


    • AM

      Looks real nice, but this theme is broken. Try to display more than one post in the slide category and the theme goes blank. Changing the number of slides does nothing.

      • Jasa SEO Murah

        Awesomely designed theme. It is a cool theme for a business or service site.
        Thanks for sharing this theme with us 🙂

      • Mothers day 2016

        thanx for sharing this here

    • Jeffrey

      Cool design but i still can’t download it

    • Alex

      Navigation doesn’t work
      Flex slider doesn’t work
      Options Framework plugin doesn’t support theme (!?)

      All is broken. Don’t download, find similar theme…
      Good luck

    • Hessam Mirkazemi

      thanks for them.

      • آموزش بافت مو

        Fabthemes wp theme

  • Looks good, doesn’t work

    Looks good, doesn’t work

    • Lakeside Techies

      The theme works fine. You need to apply a page as frontpage.
      Go to:
      settings > reading > front page displays

      now select “a static page” and select any page.

      Refresh your homepage. 🙂

      • Sascha

        No, it doesn’t. Take a look at it in firefox…

        • nick

          works just fine. You just don’t know how to manage system. thanks

      • DeineMutter

        doesnt work idiot!

    • آموزش شنا

      Nice themes thanks for sharing

  • Ajinkya

    Number of slides ! Awesome feature.

    • Paket Tour Asia

      works just fine. You just don’t know how to manage system. thanks

      • harga batu mulia

        This theme comes with a custom homepage template. To enable the custom homepage template please follow the steps below

  • Kev

    Tweeted for download…never got download option afterwards 🙁

    • 123EasyBizPlans

      Hi there, looks great so I ‘shared’ but didn’t get a Download option either 🙁

      How can I proceed, please?

      Thanks in advance!

  • làm bằng đại học tại hà nội

    Great theme!
    Thank you very much!

  • SccL

    Great theme, just what i was looking for. Thanks guys!
    Question: My pictures don’t seem to showing on home page (slider, portfolio, blog posts alike). Any ideas?

    • Ben

      No pictures for me either, not entirely sure where they go. Also, my menu is not floating, still listed as standard elements.

      • SccL

        Hey Ben,
        I figured it out. Coding somehow forgot to activate featured images in posts.
        Go to WP > Appearance > Editor.
        Find the line “add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ );”
        and delete the “//” in front of it (ie. Uncomment it)
        This should allow you to set a featured image for posts, thus allowing images for the slider and homepage.

        • stahl

          Thx – works fine

      • SccL

        Go to WP > Appearance > Editor > Theme Functions (on the right)

        • Mukama

          That worked… Thanks

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  • Eoin

    Hi, lovely theme, but my menu is listed as standard elements instead of floating nicely, do you know how I fix it??

    • Linzi

      I have the same problem with the menu, how do you get it to work as per the demo????

      • Linzi

        Ok, fixed it – you have to assign the menu in menus > menu locations 🙂

        • Nady

          How sist? my blog menu still can’t attach like in the preview

  • Daniel


  • Tom Delaney

    How can I resize the slider images?

    • کتاب سئو

      I think you need to edit code to do that
      There is no option in Setting section for that

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  • Dawson Designs

    There’s an issue with the menu bar, it wont align right. Maybe just me but just a heads up.

    • Jasa SEO Jakarta

      Great theme!
      Thank you very much!

  • Em

    Dear Author I go problem after intstall your theme my website was gone and show this masssage
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_get_option() in /home/thailif5/domains/ on lin 140

    I don’t know how to fix its can become the old theme could you help me pleas>> thank you

    • iyan

      Select Plugin, install and activate -> “Options Framework”

      • Tyler

        I have the same problem, except much worse, it wont even let me access Worpress anymore… My whole website is down. Anybody know how to fix this?!

        – Ty
        – Rex Studios

        • Happy Easter images

          Thanks awesome

          • happy Palm Sunday wishes

            Thanks birather

  • Jon

    Lovely, but not customisable enough in this free version – would love to change the colours, fonts, use varied widgets on the homepage, hide the portfolio, edit the labels at the top of pages, etc etc.

    • Sandie

      Jon, you can change any styles you like through altering the CSS. Granted, you may not want to change the theme.css just in case you ever update and you lose your styles–make a theme-alternate.css file and put your custom styles in that… Make sense?

      • gerardo

        Dear Sandy, and how you can do what you indicate ?: replace theme.css by theme-alternate.css

  • Dev

    Hello dear

    not working slider and top navigation css, i was install in wordpress


    • Datsun Pekanbaru

      Datsu pekanbaru terbaru

  • Kongto

    How about license for this theme ? Can I use for commercial purpose.

    Thank you,

  • Dean

    Just installed the theme and now my website and WP Admin panels show up as nothing but a blank page. WTF?!

    • Tim

      Same here.

      • Richard

        I believe that relates to the version of PHP that your hosting service uses. You might want to make sure that you are using the latest version.

    • Carla

      Try installing the Options Framework first.

      • Resep Masakan

        Tes, I think agree you

  • Justin

    Could anyone tell me how to get the flexslider to work? My images are not showing up.

  • Samantha

    What should the size of the slider images be? When I measure the images used in the demo & the area for the slider images, they are 1900 px x 550 px, but when I create a new image that size & upload it, it enlarges the images & makes it blurry. I looked in the coding & only found that the max height is 550px. But I don’t get why the images are being resized & blurred if they are the same size as the allotted space.

  • Vinnyboy

    Do you guys have the xml/files to get the site to look like your demo? It usually helps me in developing if I can start off with the demo and then customize from there.

  • Arun

    How can i change the MY BLOG logo to my logo in jpg

    • Arun

      got it buddy… Its an awesome theme… I will try to get a max out of it :)… you guys rocks kudoossss

      • Sean

        How did you manage to do that? I’m having trouble trying to figure out the same thing.

  • tina

    i liked and shared it and yet the download link is not active. am i missing something? :/

    • Carla

      There’s a typo, change the Rivera to Revera in the link.

  • Patrick

    Hi, your theme is excellent, everything works great. There is 1 issue with with the responsive side, the main nav disappears between 767 and 768 pixels. (768 is a pretty important one) Just wondering how I could fix this?

  • Linzi

    How do I get the Portfolio to show up on a page? Created a portfolio category called ‘Stages’ and selected it in templates on the require page but it just show a post?? How do I get it to look like the demo? Can anyone help, thanks

  • Tim

    Theme comes up blank.

    Also, how to replace the logo image? The option is not included in customize or the theme section.

  • Nicole

    I have followed all the steps outlined in the theme’s documentation but it still doesn’t appear to be working. The theme shows up as plain text – there are no graphics at all. Does anyone know what the issue may be?

  • Nicole

    Does anyone know how to add hyperlinks to the 3 widgets on the homepage? I would like the icons or text to link to pages on my site.

  • Olivier

    I got some problems with the footer of this theme, do you guys have the same ?

  • Juan

    Great Theme, but… Not displayed correctly in Internet Explorer.

  • Linda

    How do I get the color to change from the salmon to my brand color? I edited theme.css but nothing changed.

  • Linda

    Never mind it is working now!! thank you lovely theme!!

    • Katie

      How did you do this?? I have edited under Appearance->Editor->Edit Theme->colors but it does not change anything…

  • Doug

    I’ve tried tweeting to download this three times now, but the download button never works. Help!

  • Linzi

    Please can someone tell me how to get a category to display like the portfolio page on the demo?? I will be forever grateful – fabthemes do not reply to my support request.

  • Carl

    Beautiful – will most likely try this theme on my next install!

  • Pratik Luther

    hello i installed this theme but i am not able to install slider in home page. Please help me.

  • Andy


    When editing a post with the tinymce editor any HTML formatting tags such as H3, strong etc are getting stripped from the front-end. This makes it very difficult to target certain elements on a post with CSS.

    How can I stop it from stripping these HTML tags?

  • fabrizio


  • Mehreen Ali Syed

    really nice themes but sometime i found style sheet missing error, plz tell wat is this?

  • Marieke Keur

    Well hello,

    I downloaded the theme Revera and I love it! Only one thing that I can’t figure out. If I want to customize the slider that is on the homepage, then I have to go to the theme options. When I’m there you have to set a category. But a category is only for posts. And not media items! How is it possible to set a category for media?


    Marieke Keur

    • Tester

      Hello guys,
      thanks for this theme. However I have a question, the
      Theme locations –> Primary Menu option seems to break the menu bar on the Ipad….It does work on the Iphone however….
      Which piece of code do I need to look into for that??


      • K-ro

        Just turn 767 into 800 in mobilemenu.js file

  • Peter

    Nice, very good and simplistic theme!!

  • anon

    Do you guys know how to put links for the images on the Home Widget and not use these glypicons??
    There should be something in the code to edit…

  • jim

    Hi I get this when I install Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_get_option() in /homepages/7/d505356979/htdocs/clickandbuilds/WordPress/MyBlog/wp-content/themes/Revera/functions.php on line 140

    • James

      Any answer to this?

      • James

        no one?

        • marcus

          I had the same problem. Download and activate Options Framework plugin.

          • Gior

            That does not work!

  • Tom


    Nice theme. Great work.

    I have a small question – where I need make changes, that slider images coud be in colorus, not only b/w?

    • Tom

      I found it 🙂

      In themes.css on 228 line.

  • pop

    Slider at homepage not showing how to fix that?

  • Toms

    Best theme for doing blogging in 2014.

  • nomor cantik

    nice theme…thanks

  • reve niki

    The navbar is arranging vertical rather than supposed horizontal as shown like home, about, sample page etc..

    any solution??

  • faisal

    Installing this on 2 new websites, lets see!

  • James Babbayan

    has anyone managed to change the color of the background? Iethe pink ?

  • Jon Moore

    I can’t figure out how to change the pink color for the flex slider carrots. Does anyone have any thoughts where this is?

    Once I have this figured, I will really be loving this template!

  • angela

    for wordpress 3.8.1???
    slider not work

  • Richard

    Can’t use for commercial and the commercial license request link goes back to the developer’s homepage? Can’t use this theme, which is frustrating and it could have exposure to the thousands of visitors to our site every month.

  • Protrendy It Solution

    This Theme Very Nice

  • ละครย้อนหลัง

    Nice theme. Great work.

  • Web Design Philadelphi

    Doesn’t work 🙁


    Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_get_option() in G:\xampp\htdocs\nutrithin-wp\wp-content\themes\Revera\functions.php on line 140

    • elvis

      I have the same. Please help!

      • elvis

        install plug-in called “Options Framework”, it-s work! 😀

  • janak h Champaneri

    demo content pls

  • K-ro


    very nice theme, thank you!
    I have an issue with the menu which disappear on iPad.
    Could you please help me to fix it ?


    • K-ro

      I answer to myself
      Just turn 767 into 800 in mobilemenu.js file

  • วิธีทำอาหารไทย

    Thanks for you , nice theme. Great work.

  • Sascha

    Doesn’t work:

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_get_option() in /[…]/wp-content/themes/Revera/functions.php on line 140”

    • Sascha

      Ok, got it working with Options Framework. But my navigation ist still just a vertical list with bullet points.

  • irfan

    well i have installed theme but dont know how to put slider n 3 option i have tried above but failed do you have any video

  • Mukama

    great theme……

  • Sascha

    Nice theme, but some features don’t work in Firefox, only Chrome. -.- Crossbrowser-Fail.

  • Sascha

    I can’t klick the a.fmore Link on the Startpage through this layer (div.doverlay), but only in firefox. It also seems like the slider-text is beneath the layer, also only in firefox!

  • nomor cantik

    thanks for theme…i like it

  • frokenbors

    how do I put images into the slider?

  • Rishabh Sharma

    Fantastic theme Revera

  • Steven Lon

    Thanks, work fine.

  • Patty

    I should have read the comments before downloading. I tried to upload to my site and I got a fatal error. I can’t even access WordPress anymore.

    • David Evans

      Get to your admin section by typing the domain, then “/wp-admin”, then change the theme to any other theme, Appearances > Themes.

  • David Evans

    Beautiful, but broken. “Internal Error 500” on every install and re-install. Too bad, a very, very nice theme.

  • ritu

    this theme supports wordpress 3.8.1 or not? pls reply

  • miernik grubości lakieru test

    I really like it and it looks really good.

  • Joyce

    How to make it non-responsive?

  • john

    thanks , but How to make it non-responsive?

  • Kyle Scheren

    Why is there a black background on the text for my slide? how do I get rid of that?

  • Dallas

    How do you get the fullscreen picture up on the homepage? Ive already followed the Custom homepage instructions.

    • Nguyen Si Pham

      Use the Theme Options > Slider Category. You might need to create another category to contain posts with featured images for the sliders

    • Nguyen Si Pham

      That worked for me.

  • Nguyen Si Pham

    Thanks for the great theme

  • vinod sharma

    awaresome theme and also availabel for download

  • Alan Levine

    There has to be a better way to download. Have tweeted. I can juggle, do a few cartwheels… please can I have this lovely theme?

  • john

    How can i add pages without losing current layout ?

  • tech

    from where can i download this theme. i need this theme. please tell me the price of this theme. thank you

  • paolo

    Ho to add a link to the widget in the homepage?

  • kisembo

    i want it on my site, it is a nice 1

  • JB

    Bought the Commercial version and cannot set banners. There is no Banner option anywhere. Not in Theme Options as promised. Help please!

  • ละครทีวีย้อนหลัง

    Thanks for you , nice theme. Great work.

  • Roy Zuniga

    I just tweet but I am not able to download the them where is the link to download it?

  • Ronald van Duijkeren

    just tweeted but no download link!!!

  • kashinaat
  • Anupam Chopra

    Nice theme. Thanks for sharing.

  • gronix

    Hi! How can I set on the homepage 3 columns of posts and the sidebar on the right?

  • Sankar

    Nice Theme Thanks a Lot For this Beautiful Theme

  • Scot

    nice looking theme but no option to download given after you like the theme.

  • Dion

    Is it possible to align the header menu to the right? When I disable the mobile version the menu floats on top of my site logo (iDevice). Thanks!

  • Emily

    Gorgeous theme. Really like the minimalism and simplicity of it.

  • lewis


    I have bought your theme and I was wondering how you made to always have the slider images that resize homothetically ? I have changed the images, and mine are stretched horizontally on big screens.

    thanks for the help

  • aaa

    Download doesn’t work at all

  • xbalon

    great theme. i love it! thanks

  • john

    Revera Theme is nice. I want to show 8 portfolios in home page.I changed the portfolio count to 8 and it is working well in chrome browser but some alignment problem in firefox, Will you help me to fix that problem ?

  • Jenn

    Nice theme, but the menu does not appear when viewed on an iPad Mini in any browser – what do I do about that?

    • julia

      I have the same problem did you find the solution???

  • mukesh


  • Jeffrey

    The design work good but i still can’t download it.

  • Elizabeth

    Could you tell me what file I could edit in order to add social media icons to the right of the navigation bar?

    I have the icons created and would like to manually add them, but can’t seem to figure out how to do that!

  • Sarah Brabazon

    Hey FabThemes,
    Your Revera theme looks gorgeous, and I’d love to try it out, but I’m not getting the download link after I tweet. Others have posted the same problem, but I can’t see a solution in the comment stream. Can you help me out?

    • Sarah Brabazon

      Thanks for activating the link FabThemes!

  • Lawrence

    Hi, I am just trialling your theme on WordPress 4 and options framework 1.8.2 which is installed and activated. But I am getting the message, “Your current theme does not have support for the Options Framework plugin”. I have uninstalled and tried again, but no luck. Any ideas? Many thanks 😉

    • j

      same here, any solution? Also did you get your header images to display?

  • Cara Buat Pakan Burung Puyuh

    So beautiful, and thanks for share it free!

  • j

    Can’t get image to display in header (yes the lines are uncommented).

    Tried making a post with featured image just so I’d have a category to display an image, ended up breaking the homepage.

    Any solutions?

  • Barcelona Webdesign

    I really like your themes!!!
    thank you very much!

  • Morgan Grip

    How do i change language i.e. search… Read more (in slider)

  • Morgan Grip

    Trying to make a child theme just gives me White screen of death. Any suggestions, solutions?

  • Luis G

    Revera needs Options Framework plugin but it actually doesn’t support it. Any help?

  • Antonija


    I am having problems with this theme. I have a category “lorem ipsum” and in Theme options, Portfolio section I’ve selected “lorem ipsum” for portfolio but I didn’t get layput like in demo. It is like a blog. Solutions?

  • Avinash Bhardwaj

    I am a developer and owner of We have an excellent offer for your
    theme/component sale on our site and earn 100% of every sale directly to your PayPal

  • Carlos

    system is restored, now my public_html directory is empty i have NO wordpress installed…but it is still showing the message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_get_option() in /home/kraakman/public_html/wp-content/themes/Revera/functions.php on line 140

    can anybody help me????

  • LuxyStudio

    Amazing looking template!

  • Cream Pemutih Alami

    amazing themes. . .good jobb !!!

  • ازدواج

    thanks very very nice my post revera.

  • Template Level

    Best Templates

  • lisa van noorden

    Hi there. Love this theme!
    On my Ipad the menu is showing up right from the logo and on the top of the screen. I already changed to 800 in mobile device.js.
    Also it doesn’t look very stylish. Where can I edit the dropdown menu? (width, height, color top margin etc)
    Thanks a lot!

  • ahmad

    hello i just want to know can i change the image effect from background to its original color and how will i do that ??

  • julia

    Hi is really a great theme!! I would like help with the manufacturer because apparently it doesn’t work on ipad. If someone could help me would be great. Thanks

  • hugo

    hello there, how can i set the logo? theres no such option at theme options, neither at the customize theme… how to? thanks in advance, nice theme!

  • Rafael Tavares

    In WordPress 4.1, the framework option dont work with this theme, this have a update?

  • Muhammad Touqeer

    awesome theme,, love this,, and thanks.. will follow your blog for more useful stuffs..

  • Ni

    Hi, Theme is very nice but i have problem. I cannot upload the photo online and i cannot see the photo after uploaded offline.

    Tell me why?

  • Anatole

    Hey and thank’s for this beautiful theme! It’s perfect!

    I’m just getting a problem with it: the portfolio featured images (on homepage and portfolio pages) are not resizing as on your demo.
    for example: an image of 250*500 will be resize at same size that an image of 500*1000 but an image of 300*400 for example will have a different size.

    I would like every images to be center cropping so that they reach the same size (350*200)

    Thank’s again for the theme and for reading me!



  • Tarun Jaitley

    Awesomely designed theme. It is a cool theme for a business or service site.
    Thanks for sharing this theme with us 🙂

    • khasiat susu kambing

      This theme comes with a custom homepage template. To enable the custom homepage template please follow the steps below

  • Dan Hinde

    Navigation completely disappears when viewing on an iPad and some mobile devices – any help anyone?

  • Vania

    This is a beutiful and lovely design theme.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Selvam

    Really awesome mate and thanks for sharing.

  • Backlink Are King

    thank you for this Good Theme.

  • Fernando

    when i want to select the “slider category” in the “homepage” just appears one option: “uncategorized”. I think should be another option “jQuery slider” or something like that, but it doesn’t. What can i do?

  • سئو

    Revera is a free premium wordpress theme based on the Bootstrap 3 framework. This is a responsive wordpress theme with all the bootstrap goodness packed in it. The theme is WordPress 3.6 ready. The theme comes with features like, custom menu, featured images, custom homepage template, portfolio page template , widgetized sidebar and footer, custom widgets on homepage, theme option page etc

  • مانتو

    very good

  • Thomas

    Is there a way to hyperlink the homepage widgets?

  • Alyona Rutzen

    The Revera Theme works not 10% well, the Icons doesn´t appear, columns are broken.

  • mats

    I just download and installed Revera Theme. But I do not get the slideshow to work, I see no pictures. How to Get Started Portfolio page.

  • TV Channels Live

    impressed to read this. apprecaited

  • Arie van Beek

    Hello, Great Template!
    Is it possible to make a gaussian blur on the header slider? Now it is a grid but i would like both of them.

  • Aydın Tel Çit

    süper bir theme fakat slider da problem yaşıyorum bir türlü aktif hale getirmedim. ama tasarim ve kullaniş oldukça ideal. biraz daha ugraşarak iyi bir düzenleme gerçekleştirile bilir. teşekkürler.

  • Akıncan

    thank you for this very good theme 🙂

  • Anil Kumar


    I found this website very useful and the themes are very beautiful. As Revera is one of the very beautiful and elegant themes in this website. I recommend it to everyone.
    Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice theme.

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