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Newspress is a news magazine wordpress theme. This is a minimalist theme . The theme is WordPress 3 ready with 2 different custom menus, featured images, featured news section, Flash news ticker, theme options, widgetized sidebar and footer.

The theme options page has the settings to adjust your timezone, and select categories for the ‘Flash News Ticker’ and the ‘Featured post section’


13 thoughts on “Newspress

  1. Baby Asuna says:

    i really Like the Flash news ticker,,, but for some reason image in post didnt show,,, i use this theme for my Blog,, thanks

  2. Wow ! really great theam. I am using your theam. Reve System Blog looking great.

  3. ???? says:

    This is a bad idea to download! Good luck
    Thank you

  4. ulti says:

    This theme is the best according to the design and layout. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hyu says:

    very simple and clean.. thann’s a lot :)

  6. Oro says:

    Nice looking newsy type theme. I’m looking for a new theme myself and this is on the shortlist.

  7. Excellent wordpress theme that is well SEOed too. I would heartly recommend it to my clients.

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