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Jobpress Wordpress theme

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Jobpress is a very special theme from fabthemes.With this theme you can host your own Job board for free. Registered users can submit job listings on your site and an admin can review and publish it.  This theme is WordPress 3 ready with features like Custom menu, custom post types, custom taxonomies, Custom page templates, widgetized sidebar, and it includes 2 custom widgets and theme option page . I have made two screencasts to explain the job listing process.

How to Create a Job submit form Page

How to Submit Job listings

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80 thoughts on “Jobpress

  1. aykut says:

    Realy good theme. Thank

  2. Driver says:

    Thank you.this theme is good.

  3. mostafa says:

    So pretty

  4. Ian D says:

    Hi there,

    I’m having an issue with the theme unfortunately, lovely as it is.

    On submitting a job this appears under the main page;

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/bsound/public_html/jobs/wp-content/themes/Jobpress/header.php:2) in /home/bsound/public_html/jobs/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 876

    Shame as everything else works and its really clean and easy to play with.

    Any help appreciated and have tried on another site so it must be the theme.



  5. Derek says:

    With JobPress I have noticed one strange thing happening on the blog page

    I have added a page, and called it blog. I then set the page template to ‘Blog’.

    Now though, on the blog page, it doesn’t show my blog postings it just shows “Home”

    I have added the latest blog posts to the sidebar and this shows my latest blog posts correctly, so why is it not correct on blog page?

    • Soffian says:

      I also face same problem but manage to solve using step below:-

      1. Go to Setting – Reading – Static page – Post page: Blog

      2. Jobpress Options – Homepage content: Blog

      3. On my blog Page – Template: default template

  6. brandwire says:

    great theme, thanks for free :)

  7. ram says:


    I’m having an issue with the theme unfortunately,

    On submitting a job this appears under the main page;

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at E:\xampp\htdocs\files\newssite\wp-content\themes\Jobpress\thankyou.php:18) in E:\xampp\htdocs\files\newssite\wp-includes\pluggable.php on line 876

    Please Help


  8. h?ng ecom says:

    how can add tag products man ?
    need it to seo

  9. Thomas says:

    super WordPress theme. Thanks for the work.

    I have a question:
    How can I insert another jobform.php template in the selection of sites.
    I would not only have job offers but also offer an opportunity for job seekers.

    My page:

    Thanks for the help.


  10. Mihai says:

    Hey there, awesome theme, I’v started playing with it, and it’s nice to edit and upgrade, I was wondering, how hard, or from where should I start integrating a paypal payment for a featured listing. I would be gratefull for some guidance . Thank You !

  11. Rahul says:


    awesome theme, but can please tell me, how to change default “description tag” for search engine. Whenever i search my web page on search engine, it only shows default description.

    you can visit my website :

    Thanks for the help.

  12. Giuliano says:

    Thanks for this simply great theme.

    My issue is that when I click on “« Older Entries” I get a “Page not found” error message. The URL is then works fine.

    Any suggestion?


  13. Mike says:

    Thanks a lot for this great theme.
    you can see my site and tell me what you think.

  14. Kevin P. says:

    Hey, I love this! I really really love this! I just have one question…is it possible to set the page url of a job to post id and not the actual title of the job? I tried doing it in permalinks but apparently job submissions do not follow the wp default settings.

  15. Sadek says:

    Job press is a great theme, and I will use this at my job related site.

  16. shana says:

    Hello there, such a lovely theme this is, I have a question… why is it not possible to install plugins in this theme, I have been not able to do it

  17. Kabayan says:

    Great WordPress Theme… but sad to say that older entries are nowhere to be found.. :(

  18. Hi,
    This is the best theme for job website.
    I recommend it.

  19. Miguel says:

    Is there any possibility to change the color of the theme?

  20. this is the best site….

  21. anmin says:

    how to set this on my wordpress blog

  22. It seems that 90% of the users has a problem on the script . i want to use it in but is there any support there ?

  23. Billy Ray says:

    The download button is disabled. WHY?

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  25. Grate Theme , I can not believe that , It is for free

  26. Admin says:

    MMMMMMM . . . . it does not work

    1) did you test it with multiple advertisements? Because it does not turn pages. After searching advertisements you can turn “searched” pages not while browsing

    2) lots of install errors. Tried both on a hosted server and local machine = same errors.

    3) installations behave differently every time. And yes CLEAN INSTALL everytime with DB dumping

    OK, it is free but you are wasting my time, either fix it TEST IT PROPERLY or take it off internet. Sorry to be blunt, it’s the truth

  27. Anubhav says:

    Really beautiful theme….Please tell how to download it….

  28. Vibha Upadhya says:


    Its a great theme..But my problem is only one job is displaying at a time under various job type..I want to display all jobs at a time on home page..Please help..Thanks in advance..

  29. Sheyad says:

    How to allow user can submit a new job ?

  30. Thanks for the great theme, i am looking to add jobs automatically from other sites RSS daily, i want it to be updated auto by cron jobs, is some one have done it already and can share the bunch of code?

  31. Amaudil says:

    Goodnight me the problem is happening when I go to send a trabajpo error please send me some help

  32. Awesome theme i would like to use this theme on my website

  33. dilesh says:

    Its really nice and useful theme for any recruitment consultant or HR.

  34. Unable to download !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I need help, I have sheared on twitter but still unable to download it. :( help!!!!!!!!

  35. great theme, thanks for free

  36. […] por un tiempo un theme de este tipo y hay dos que me han llamado la atención es primero el theme JobPress el cual es gratuito y fácil de usar. Y el theme JobRoller, el cual es de pago y un poco más […]

  37. Mohit says:

    Really it,s Free

  38. Shamshul says:

    Is I use it then how long will I get support for this theme.Is there any update available and how frequent you push updates?

  39. […] können mit Hilfe des WordPress Plugins „JobPress“ sehr übersichtlich und ansprechend aufgeführt werden, wie auf dieser Webseite […]

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  42. Phil says:

    Nice theme, but how would one use it other than for commercial purposes?

  43. Orlando Mckee says:

    I am trying to modify the header for and also for yet I have not found a way to make it more user friendly and make it more beautiful for a natural look in regards to a standard black or blue color. Can you help?

  44. Leandro says:

    changing the name of job types?

    example: Full time contract to

  45. Leandro Abbade Rocha says:

    Good afternoon,

    Its anyone posting vacancy?

  46. how individual candidate can post their profile?

  47. MP says:

    Love this theme, but have one issue–I’m wondering if someone can lend some assistance:

    When a job post has no image (company logo) attached, the result is a broken image icon. I’m hoping to have a simple image be a default stand-in in the case that a user does not upload a logo.

    Many thanks,

  48. JobPress says:

    Can anybody tell me, is there any possibility of placing Resume JobPress topic?
    Resumes can be placed?
    If you can, how?

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  50. ieugc says:

    Great Source really Good for Job Portal Site

  51. Sheyad says:

    Job Type not showing in menu area wp 4

  52. Shamshul says:

    Please share the installation guide for the theme

  53. i have downloaded but I am not able to install it, please help me out.

  54. Cheatingta says:

    Let i use this theme for my website?? Is it suitable.? Can anyone check mine and suggest me. My website is

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