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axis wordpress theme

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Axis is our new fullscreen portfolio wordpress theme. This is a premium quality theme with features on par with paid themes.The theme use WordPress 3 features like Custom post types, Custom taxonomies, Custom menus , featured thumbnails etc. This will be a n ideal theme for professionals to exhibit their portfolio in style.

129 thoughts on “Axis

  1. Nice theme. Tanks for sharing

  2. Jess says:

    Love the theme. Is there a way to get the slideshow to pause when the user starts to interact with it? (e.g. if they use the arrows, hover over a link in the description, or navigate using the thumbnails?). It’s pretty jarring to choose a photo to look at closer, and then have it whisked away….


  3. ob says:

    Im try this thema, but what happen…. I find error

  4. Hi,

    Great theme!

    Is there a way I can remove the box that displays the title of each image in the slideshow? Its getting in the way of my images!

    Other than that, such a good theme!


  5. fabnomics says:

    i really liked this theme, i love the design. Also Zenshop looks nice but i couldnt upload it properly.

  6. fanmusic says:

    I installed this theme several months ago and wanted to do the same on an other website and I cannot get the slideshow work on the home page !
    Thanks a lot for your help

  7. ox says:

    It is not internationalized. Useless. Shame on you.

  8. It’s very not slow-connection friendly. but, overall it’s cool. :)

  9. Win Kongmuang says:

    Anyone getting the problem with the from page images changing slowly and choppy? Also when the thumbnails come up is very choppy.

  10. FoVITIS says:

    Hi there,

    how can i fix the Problem in the Template wich deactivates Comments ???

  11. Hi there,

    I´d like to know how to insert a logo at the top left on Axis Theme?

    And also I need to figure out how to remove the section on all pages that contain fields like Search and Sponsors?

    ASAP. Thank you.

    NOTE: If the purchase of this free theme is necessary for such support, there´s a great chance that it will not be a problem, but I need to show this site with the most basic personalization to my client beforehand.

  12. BUGHUNTER says:

    Hi, looks very good, but please put this on github, so there is at least some basic infrastructure for feedback, bugreports and updates, Thanks!

  13. André says:

    Como que consigo colocar Links as imagens dos Slides?

    Tipo Clicar na imagem e abrir em nova aba.

  14. remixines says:

    Hey dear team,
    It seems that the slideshow doesn’t work with WP 3.5, have you got an idea of what we should do?


  15. vizz says:


    I am wondering that for slider , its not picking any tag like we cant add read more tag in slider , its only picking the plain text .
    Any solution for this conflict ?

  16. Will says:

    Axis Menu doesn’t work for wordpress 3,5. Any solutions?

  17. max says:

    It’s lovely and I’ve been fighting with it a while now. It forces advertisers/sponsors in I don’t want, won’t show me how to do a full screen, and I can’t find a way to make the full page template work without a sidebar of widgets. Also? The slides aren’t working. I could actually work with this without slides working if I could get a main image graphic to work on a full page without a side bar, though it is not half as cool it is a really slick imagery layout that would work with a static page. But if I can’t turn off the ads and can’t get a full page layout? It’s dead I have to go find another theme.

  18. ebizl says:

    If only this worked.

  19. ebizl says:

    Finally!!!!! For those that are having troubles getting the template to work.. simply go to Axis Theme options and click save. Tho, I started off with 2 slides and went on from then.

    • KK says:

      confirmed and THANKS for this!! 😀

    • Nico says:

      Hi I had the same problem and fix it like you said but when I wanted to add a new slideshow disappears again to me and I can not come back … Does anyone know how to fix this?

    • Riccardo says:

      Hi, sorry, but can you explain me what was your problem, to see if was it similar to mine? In my case, as I said between the last comments of this page, when I load this theme, I see a wrong page with some code lines, and so the page does not load properly. Had you the same problem? I tried to save in “Axis Options -> Axis theme options”, as you said, but nothing is happened. The problem persists.


    • rain says:

      thanks for share!!

  20. f79967 says:

    great theme

  21. Riccardo says:

    Sorry, but when i try to download and install this nice theme (in the demo) on WordPress 3.5.2, It shows code errors in the layout… Is there somebody with the same problem and that can tell me how to fix it? Thanks a lot for your attention and help,


  22. Helvio Vieira says:

    Ola boa tarde, como eu faço para fazer um download de um thema…
    eu não consigo baixar e depois instala r no WP…

  23. Hi!

    Just want to mention that this theme uses an outdated version of timthumb.php (2.8.10) vulnerable to remote inclusion exploit.

    I would recommend upgrading it to latest 2.8.11

    // Alexander

  24. Lucas says:

    I’m having trouble installing in latest version of wp. Can you fix? Loved this theme.

  25. Marco says:

    I’d like to download this Theme, is there a possibility?

  26. Sanjeev says:

    Great template, but none of the plugin working. I have tried many plugins like Aqua Page Builder, Page Builder & Page Layout Builder but none working. Kindly suggest if you have any idea

    • Sanjeev says:

      I could find why it was not working. There was another plugin which was blocking the Aqua Page Builder, Page Builder & Page Layout Builder plugin. I have just deactivated the plugin and rest started working.

  27. sam beckers says:


    I am using wordpress 3.6….and the slider is NOT working. . .

  28. Steve says:

    Great theme, except I can’t seem to be able to download it. Anyone help….

  29. Hello! I can´t see the slides. I create a new slide and when I check into “view slide” it say: “page was not found”. Why my slide isn´t created?

    • Jinson says:

      Please open a support ticket through the contact page and please include your website details in the ticket. We will look into it.

  30. Emily says:

    I don’t know what happen. but for me it seem that the feature image not appear as it should be :( please check my website please and tell me how to fix it. Thank you

  31. Edoardo says:

    I’ve got a problem with featured images. When I post an article, featured images became the background of my single page article. What can I do to disable this function?
    I attached an image for help you to understand the problem
    I’d like to have only one default background, if it is possible. If you want have a look, the site is
    Thank you so much and congratulations for your work: it’s fantastic!
    Have a nice day.
    Edoardo Faletti

    • Emily says:

      It’s not problem! it is theme for hilight image best for photographer or people who want to show them picture. So this function must be the Best! the feature image should be the background of the post that is awesome! 😉 that why i like this theme.

  32. Prasanth says:

    i am getting a problem after theme activation. after activating theme, a lot of coding is appearing in the dashboard. how to solve this problem.
    i am using wordpress 3.6.1

  33. neohx says:

    Nice theme. Tanks for sharing

  34. Prasanth says:

    i am getting a problem after activating theme, a lot of coding is appearing in the dashboard. how to solve this problem.
    i am using wordpress 3.6.1

  35. Jessica says:

    How do I actually put in the code to change the theme of my blog?

  36. Informacie na temat pomiarów grubościu lakieru elektronicznymi testerami grubości lakieru samochodowego, zwanymi inaczej mienrik lakieru. Polecam każdemu kto chcę kupić auto.


  37. Renzo says:

    How to install this theme in wordpress =(
    I can’t

  38. Toon says:

    thx superrrrrrrr

  39. basia says:

    good template

  40. max says:

    I cant seem to get it to download. I “liked” it and did the google button thing. It wont download. Any help?

  41. Chevy says:

    Thanks for sharing on my website i have this theme ……I will change it to Axis!… i Love it thanks for sharing and all the Gratitude for this beautiful theme..You always deliver great themes and i am looking for more from you.Keep it on!

  42. Tim says:

    Doesn’t work with WordPress 3.8, neither does the other themes :(

  43. Oleg says:

    Hey, when this Theme (slider on the main page) will work with WP 3.8?
    Why it doesn`t work? Instead of the image shows a black background. Need urgent help! My site with this Theme :

  44. kren says:

    I have the same problem as Oleg. There is no background image and slides are not working :((( help please

  45. jerry says:

    very good,thank you

  46. jerry says:

    Nice theme. Tanks for sharing

  47. jerry says:


  48. suus says:

    Hi, is it possible to modify the thema for me so it shows the full site on iphone? now all buttons are integrated?

  49. Michi says:

    great theme! good job!

  50. Andre says:

    Nice Them

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  52. Tut says:

    Love this theme!!! thank you!

  53. Andrew says:


    I am trying to change the css of this theme, although i can not seem to find the tags you have used. When i inspect element on browser i see #masthead, #casing and #footer but none of these are in the css?

    what am i doing wrong?


  54. Jorge says:

    Muy buena

  55. nix207 says:

    Thanks for you , nice theme. Great work.

  56. Hendrik says:

    Maybe I am stupid, but HOW do I change the amount of slides that is shown on the front page?
    Thanks in advance,

  57. Ooh!! good theme for wordpress 3.8.1. thanks fabtmemes.

  58. Jonas Andersson says:

    Downloaded this theme yesterday and found a bunch of code covering the top part of the screen in WP after installation. :-( Seems it messes up WP cuz it acting REALLY wierd?! Anyone knowing what this is or why it is happening? Will post a screenshot later if needed. Using WP 3.9.1.

    Tnx for repolies! :-) Jonas

  59. Edrax says:

    I get the same error than Jonas

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  61. chevii says:

    I like this theme so much . Thanks for sharing

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  63. julie says:

    gracias, es genial

  64. koean programer says:

    where is ‘Share to Download theme’
    use not button…. T.T

    where is Axis Theme download ??

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  66. shawn stone says:

    Love this, but why can I only write a paragraph for the bubble? and not use the enter or any form of list? would be very helpful, Thank You

  67. bruno says:

    hello, is axis theme compatible with wordpress 4 ?

  68. Torry says:

    Is there any way I can change the width and height of the transparent box that is on each slide?

  69. SAJID says:

    Sir i am planning to download and install this theme on my website

    Hope it looks good

  70. Bilal says:

    ALL Tech About need theme For My blog
    For This Need your help

  71. jijong says:

    ‘full wide’ page making source

  72. Subject is not bad but it was better than it was

  73. Rakesh says:

    Great theme, Thanks a lot for share with us.

  74. sabana says:

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  75. Excellent features in the theme, i think this theme is super theme and paid theme more or less not good like this

  76. You have a great topic that a lot of people need to read and hear.I really appreciate your idea on writing ideas for posts, etc. every single day. That’s how you get better at this craft of writing.

  77. Neeraj says:

    Although I am not using this theme but it has got the potential.

  78. […] Axis is our new fullscreen portfolio wordpress theme. This is a premium quality theme with features on par with paid themes.The theme use WordPress 3 features like Custom post types, Custom taxonomies, Custom menus , featured thumbnails etc. Live Demo Download […]

  79. nice theme…..I am currently using it on one if my blog.

  80. Riya says:

    The all themes are shown its is really beautiful.

  81. It is very Very Awesome Theme Wonderful Thanks a lot For Sharing me .

  82. Tam İstediğim tema tam ekran portföy özelliği ile de beni cezbetti slider biraz daha geliştirile bilir. yada ektra sayfa şablonu oluşturulup çoğaltıla bilir onların harici her şey süper.

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