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Adament is a free premium responsive WordPress theme from This theme is built onBootstrap 3 framework.
This is a photography WordPress template. This is ideal to setup a photography related website. The theme comes with so many options to customize and the color scheme of the theme is also customizable.

Required plugins

The theme often requires few plugins to work the way it is originally intended to. You will find a notification on the admin panel prompting you to install the required plugins. Please install and activate the plugins.

  1. Options framework

Theme setup

Upload the theme to your themes directory and activate it via your theme admin panel.

Adament theme uses custom homepage template. Create a new page named “Home” and use the “Homepage” template for it. You can also create a new page for blog named Blog. Go to the Settings > Reading > Static Page option and select “Home” for front page and “Blog” for posts page.

Slide: The homepage displays a slideshow. Use the Slide post type to create slide items.

Portfolio: Use the portfolio post type to create the portfolio items. You can create a portfolio page that showcases all your portfolio items in a grid fashion. Please use the “portfolio” template on a page for this. You can use the gallery feature to insert multiple project images to each portfolio post.

Theme options explained

The theme contains an options page using which you adjust various settings available on the theme.


Logo image – Upload a logo image

Homepage slides – Select the number of slides for homepage

Portfolio page – Select the custom page set for portfolio.

Style customization

Use the color selector to customize the main color scheme, accent color, link color, and link hover color.

Banner settings

Customize your sidebar banners


321 thoughts on “Adament

  1. […] Adament is a free premium responsive WordPress theme from This theme is built onBootstrap 3 framework. This is a photography WordPress template. This is ideal to setup a photography related website. The theme comes with so many options to customize and the color scheme of the theme is also customizable. […]

  2. dva says:

    does it work in 3.5.1 ?

  3. Opal Rings says:

    One more great theme from FabThemes. I like your style.

  4. michela says:

    Thank you for the article, it’s very useful, will definitely try to experiment what you have got indicated… there is certainly only one issue I want to mention in more detail, I wrote an email to your tackle about it.

  5. ashbuddy says:

    Loved this theme

    Find the best chrome themes at

  6. charlie says:

    Certainly with your considered.Thank you for the sharing.

  7. VG says:

    How to have home page slider as shown in sample website?

  8. Andrea says:

    When I create a slide page, I have my text only in one of two circle in home slide page! Why? What I must do?

  9. Kristine says:

    Is there a way to remove the 2 black and white circles that appear on the photos?

    If so, how?


  10. Mike says:

    Great work! I got only one issue with this theme. Is there any possibility to create link on those circles in slider? I want to create call to action link but there are weird things going on when i put tag “<a href="

  11. Tonce1975 says:

    This is a premium responsive theme. Do you have anything which is free? Although I know already there are so many frees on the web.

  12. Carla says:


    I recentily try your theme ADAMENT in my localhost web, but the Portfolio page doesn’t work.

    What’s the problem ?

  13. Franck says:

    Good morning,

    How to add featured images on posts in the articles blog ?


  14. Very nice theme, i installed on wordpress 3.7.1.

  15. I used it, it is very nice for me, thanks.

  16. Claudia says:

    Portfolio doesn’t work :(

    • Jan Richter says:

      Just don’t set up portfolio page in “Theme Options”, only create page and set it as “portfolio” right in the page (right side). It worked for me.

      • Ankit Bansal says:

        Hey Jan, After creating a page and setting it as “Portfolio” on the right, I set a featured image and then add text/gallery. But this does not make a portfolio as shown in the preview! What do I do?

  17. MajkeL says:

    Portfolio doesn’t work :/ anybody help ?

  18. This theme nice for my wordpress, i used it thanks.

  19. webhirad like your theme, it is very nice for wordpress 3.8.1, thanks a lot.

  20. […] Adament is a free responsive WordPress theme built onBootstrap 3 framework. This is ideal to setup a photography site. More Info… […]

  21. Everton Rodrigues Muta says:

    Can I modify the sponsorship banners?

  22. Ankit Bansal says:

    Portfolio isn’t working for me. Could someone help?

    • Sam says:

      I cant get it to work either.
      1) Make a page – set it as Portfolio (template)
      2) Select this page under ‘ Theme options’ as portfolio page
      3) Create portfolio in in portfolio (see video)

      — still nothing. It just looks like a Blog page, no grid! Please help

  23. Yolande Geel says:

    Really like this theme. I just want to know the following.
    1. Is there a way to add one more circle to each slide?
    2. Can the slides be animated?
    3. Where do I adjust the height of the slides?

    • Landon says:

      I have been trying to figure this out too. The demo shows the pictures changing automatically however mine will only change if you push the arrow.

  24. […] am using the Adament theme on my WordPress site ( I have installed the Royal Slider plugin but the slider doesn’t appear using the following […]

  25. Ana says:

    Me gusta mucho este tema. Sencillo y claro

  26. Jay says:

    How do you create the drop-down menu feature?

  27. Jay says:

    Figured out the drop down nav but this theme is not responsive. The carousel and nav break on mobile.

  28. Wicker says:

    any way to autostart the slider?

  29. windomearle says:

    congratulations for the theme! what are the ideal measures for the logo image? thanks in advance! cheers

  30. Kalle says:

    any way to autostart the slider?
    Thank’s for a greate theme!

  31. windomearle says:

    is it possible to set pages to full width? that way they won’t have the white space on the right in case I don’t want to include sponsors.. I know the theme has 3 possible templates so far: default template, homepage and portfolio. are you planning to launch a new version that will include a full width template? thanks in advance and congrats once more for your theme.

  32. Quax says: is good!

  33. Dan Mondino says:

    Does any one know how to change the colour of the footer text? I am using white as my primary colour, but the footer text is in light grey, so does not stand out.

  34. The Dude says:

    I am able to write into the white right circle filling the legend, but I cannot write into the grey/black left circle.
    Can anyone tell me where do I have to insert the text?

    Thanks in advance!

  35. One more great theme from FabThemes Thanks

  36. preza says:

    can any one help me with grid portfolio , i cant get it working ??

  37. preza says:

    ok it’s working you must set icons for portfolios :)

  38. apple says:

    I can’t seem to change the color scheme of the theme, please help. Thank you.

  39. Ramses says:

    Great Theme from FabThemes

    How can i share to download this? Cant find any share buttons?!

  40. NICOLAS C says:


  41. rob says:

    hey thx ;p

  42. lenora says:


    I’m working on a real estate agent website and I’m using Adament theme.

    The problem is, I need 2 Portfolio instances, one on “For Sale” page and another on “For Rent” page. I’ve created two different template pages “rent-pages.php” and “sale-pages.php”, instead of the original called “portfolio-pages.php” and I’ve assigned those templates to their respective pages, however no matter what I do all items added to the Portfolio section appear only on one of them.

    Is there a possibility for solving this issue?

    Thank you in advance

  43. kalyan says:


    Is it possible to add social networking icons in home page.Please help me.

  44. Oliver says:

    Can someone help me by my problems with the imagesize?
    I made a portfolio and add images.
    If I choose a gallery the images are too big.
    I think that the images are cropped, of cause the quality is not very good.


  45. One more great theme from FabThemes Thanks

  46. Love the theme. Is there a way to remove the Website by WordPress | Adament Theme link and lettering. I would appreciate it. I am willing to make a donation. Love the teme

  47. I used it, it is very nice for me, thanks.

  48. i__k says:

    I can to figure how to move main menu to right.

  49. Daniel Mangowi says:

    Is it possible to make a child theme?

  50. Viktor says:


    I have got a question for the adament theme, can I have several portfolio in my menu ?


  51. Emma says:


    Can somebody explain how to make the menu drop-down as shown in the demo?



  52. Aeron says:

    Great theme! Thanks a lot!

  53. manuel says:

    Hi, why’s there no picture showing up in the portfolio-singleview? For example: I’m trying to get this awesome theme working… has anybody a solution for the missing picture?

  54. Danielle says:

    I am currently trying to install this theme on my wordpress site. Im new to wordpress but Ive downloaded the file through several other sites and none of them will upload correctly. Its not downloading as a zip file and when I drag and drop the blue file folder to add new themes, it will not upload! Its driving me insane!! Please help!!!

  55. oh greating , good luck and tnx a lot

  56. […] the theme demo here. Down the theme here for free for non-commercial […]

  57. Pixeldojo says:

    How can i download this theme?

    I already tweetet about it

  58. Troels says:

    Anyone having problem with this theme on 3.9.1? My homepage is messed up, even if i chose a static page. it makes the footer fixed, and the header is smaller, and so on. Anyone with similar problem? And maybe a way to fix it?

  59. Cory says:

    Does the portfolio slider support video?

  60. vishwa fauzdar says:

    i want to create other page like homepage.php but in other page have one error after removed black color from masthead but this is remove only form homepage.php but in other page header show this color how can remove this color from other page.
    can any body help me

  61. praveen says:

    how to add search box to this theme

  62. praveen says:

    Could you please tell me, how to add search box to this theme.
    When i am adding search box, its adding to site but it is searching in only posts. But i want to search in pages.

    Thanks in advance.

  63. Mary says:

    Great theme!! But I’ve a problem with my slider In the’s too big and cut off all my pictures..what’s wrong? Anyone to could help me..please?

  64. Harold says:

    Hey there,

    its a beautiful Theme, but the portfolio pics are to big..i uploaded them in 800×600..but they show up in 1120 x 727..where and how can i change the size of the container??


  65. i really enjoyed to visit this is a very nice site

  66. peter says:

    I have newly installed the theme. Have all required options enabled, but the front page slideshow does not work. Why?

  67. Mohammad Qasim says:

    Just a nice theme that i always love to share in my website.
    Next Design web

  68. Daniele says:

    Questo tema è molto bello, purtroppo non riesco a far funzionare il portfolio (molto importante per me) e il video che spiega come creare il portfolio non funziona.
    Cercherò altro, se so sistemate avvisatemi, sarò felice di provarlo.

  69. Majo says:

    Compre el tema con licencia para hacer la web de mi empresa.
    Me gustó por las imagenes y los circulos con textos, pero… no soy capaz de poner texto en el circulito blanco!
    El negro corresponde al nombre del banner, pero y el texto del circulo blanco?
    Alguien puede ayudarme?
    I bougth the template with license to make my company website.
    I liked the circles with texts and images, but I am not able to put text in the white circle!
    Black corresponds to the name of the banner, but and the text of the white circle?
    Can someone help me?

  70. EStudios says:

    Instead of grid, it is still in blog style. And it shows “Archives” on the top of the portfolio page. What the hell!??

  71. Mohammad Qasim says:

    All of the fab themes are nice and i have featured some of the them in my recent post.

  72. abhinav says:

    Really great work art. i love it. thanks for sharing this wonderful art themes.

  73. Angus says:

    I love this theme! Is there any way to move the circles on the slider? They are covering the main part of the image on the slider

  74. luiz says:

    ostaria de saber onde posso mudar a cor das letras em footer, pois quero usar meu tema branco e não sei como mudar

  75. MST says:

    thanks for this theme.
    how auto play slide for this theme.

  76. To show as grid portofolio page, you need to assign a featured image for each portfolio! Then create a Galery inside. That´s all folks.

    For auto play slider on front page, you need to edit:
    ../wp-content/themes/Adament/js –> jquery.superslides.js

    On line 10: put a number, I put 6000, on play:6000, you can test the speed with other numbers.
    Superslides = function(el, options) {
    this.options = $.extend({
    play: 6000,
    animation_speed: 600,
    animation_easing: ‘swing’,

  77. Juan says:

    Hola. El Slider no cambia automaticamente. Que puede ocurrir?

  78. Download says:

    nice theme . thanks alot…

  79. Vuk says:

    Great theme!

    How to enable slides? I have made several slides but they are not showing at the home page. What shows is just name of the slide…

  80. Daniel says:

    Is there a way to make the homepage slider transition automatically instead of clicking the forward arrow? In addition to this, what is the best pixel dimensions for images in this slider to optimize viewing?

  81. I like this theme.
    Is it already SEO optimized on this theme?


  82. AW says:

    Is there any way to change the background color of pages to black, and the headers to white? (the inverse if how it appears by default.)

  83. Adrian says:

    Hi! I am using this theme and I love it, but I would like to change the background of my pages and entries and set an image instead of the white color background. Is this possible? How?

  84. Juon CHong says:

    Hi! How do I edit the number of columns display on the portfolio page?
    Please help~ Thank you!

  85. is it ok to use big images on slider?

  86. Jual Lurik says:

    great themes! need to download it

  87. I need to upload a bigger logo..Which part should I change?

  88. Michael says:

    And from when you can say that I can use a GPL licence for comercial or non-comercial purposes ? WTF ?

  89. Riccardo says:

    I’ve a problem…
    I can’t installi it..
    it says: error 404
    what I can do?? HELP ME!

  90. stacey says:

    LOVE this theme. Is it possible to have the slides display in a random order rather than sequential? Will having a ton of slides hurt the speed/performance?

    Also, is it possible to edit the Slides template so that the text of the second bubble is from body of a post, instead of the “caption” element? Is it possible to add categories/tags?

  91. David says:

    just installed and the sliders are not displaying, and I have an urgent need to get this live. Does this work with 4.0? It’s saying that “Your current theme does not have support for the Options Framework plugin. Learn More | Hide Notice” yet it’s required.

    Also, how do i get the bubbles with messages to come onto the screen?

    Thank you!

    • stacey says:

      I used with 4.0 and it worked fine – though I also have the same alert about the options framework. it doesn’t seem to affect anything.

      Make sure you have the home page set to a static page called “home”, and that you created a “home” page using the template option.

      Also make sure all of your slides are created as “Slides” and not posts. The Slide title and the caption attached to the featured image are what should appear on the homepage slider.

      Hope that helps!

  92. Laurent says:

    Super template, easy to install and very GREAT support!!!
    I recommand fabthemes :-)

  93. Olaf says:

    Superb template. I had it installed at Exposure Me Photography before.

  94. this theme is simple and gorgeus

  95. Is there a way to order the slides?

  96. Is very good. I wish you success. Your site is very cool. Much thanks

  97. Really good, thanks for designed it.

  98. Hello,Thanks you for your sharing.

  99. Jayesh says:

    Is it possible to have latest blog posts on front page, instead of creating a secondary Blog page for that ??
    I don’t need the static home page with the slider. Didn’t yet got a proper result with tweaking the options.

    Please advice.

  100. this thems is very nic thanks you

  101. Mehmet says:

    I’ve got a problem guys!

    When I publish a post with a link in it, the link won’t show up on the posts page. You have to go on the posts page, click on the post title to see the link you provided on the post.

    So my question is, is there any way I can have the link I provided in the post, seen on the post page aswell?

    I’ve prepared a test link to show you guys what I’m talking about incase you don’t get what I’m saying. And please do forgive me for a really basic question, I’m just a few days old in this website thing.


  102. att says:

    Can anyone provide a step by step instruction on how to have the slider going on the first page ??
    I can’t manage to get it showing up…

    Thanks a loooot !

  103. […] to find out that they can now use the perfect theme to set up a website dedicated to this art: Adament. There are custom homepage templates for you to choose from; you can then proceed to upload your […]

  104. Stream says:

    This theme is very spectacular, thanks for it

  105. BUDDYPRESS says:

    This is nice theme.which is never find out anywhere.

  106. Buddypress says:

    Very nice wordpress themes.

  107. chimangz says:

    Hi guys i really need you help on how to show the slider on the from page please.detailed instructions would be nice.Thank you

  108. thanks for your creative theme.

  109. sprei says:

    great design from Fab themes

  110. Gud Job!
    thanks for sharing…

  111. nice theme. thanks for share it

  112. Mikhail says:

    I seem not to be able to increase the number of slides to be shown to more than 5. The setting in the theme options seems to be ignored and 5 slides are shown no matter what.
    Anybody successful to make it show 6+ slides?

    • Mikhail says:

      Got a rudimentary “solution”

      In the homepage.php file:


      $slidecount = ft_of_get_option(‘fabthemes_slidecount’,’5′);
      $args = array( ‘posts_per_page’ => 5, ‘post_type’=> ‘slide’ );


      $slidecount = ft_of_get_option(‘fabthemes_slidecount’,’6′);
      $args = array( ‘posts_per_page’ => 6, ‘post_type’=> ‘slide’ );

      That makes 6 slides to appear (as I wanted). I’d like to know if we can make it read the actual options setting, as currently appears hard-coded.
      Also would very much like to be able to make the slide order random, if anyone has an idea.

      Up to now though the theme is absolutely great – cannot stop looking at it! Great work!

  113. This is a beautiful theme and I’ve installed it in my site but it’s not working properly. I’ve also installed Options Framework plugin as required but the theme says it doesn’t support the plugin! If I deactivate the plugin, the theme doesn’t work. If I activate, it doesn’t work either. Please, anyone with a hand to my problem? Thank you!

  114. Nitin Nanivadekar says:

    I am not getting the logo option in the front page settings:

    Logo image – Upload a logo image]

    Please let me know if I am doing something wrong.

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  117. Very nice wordpress theme, it’s great for bigenner to starting their blogging career …

  118. nice template I will use it thank you

  119. Lalina says:

    Really great work of art. Great theme and easy to install.

  120. AD says:

    thank.s it nice theme

  121. mark says:

    adament is amazing wp theme

  122. […] 5. Adament | Free Photography Blog Theme 2015 […]

  123. سئو says:

    thank you for sharing

  124. Cesar says:


    I’m using the adament theme, and everything was good. But with no changes made, the website started appearing with a black background instead of the images in the google chrome. After doing inspect element, part of the image appears.
    When I open on the internet explorer and the firefox, everything appears like I wanted.

    Here is the appearence of the website

    Thank you

  125. Non credete a quelli che vi dicono che Manhattan la si può fare tutta a piedi: sono dei pazzi scriteriati.

  126. Non credete a quelli che vi dicono che Manhattan la si può fare tutta a piedi: sono dei pazzi scriteriati. ..

  127. Jeremy says:

    Love the visual appeal of this theme, so soft and cool to the eyes.

  128. dearsan says:

    this thems is very nic thanks you, thank you for sharing..

  129. Theme was very good. I could easily use it. Thank you very much

  130. بورس says:

    Hi there! . Thanks to free website templates!

  131. Rade says:

    How can I change the height of the header bar? Can’t find it anywhere in the code..

  132. marki says:

    this thems is very nic thanks you, thank you for sharing

  133. thanks alot
    your website is very good

  134. zox says:

    How to insert Text into the Home Page Right White Circle? Please explain me. Thanks.

  135. خبر says:

    hello Thank you for interesting content. It was very helpful and informative

  136. Very nice theme, i installed on wordpress 4.0.1

  137. it’s very great! i love it. thanks for free sharing.

  138. Lie Tchu Fung says:

    For a unresponsive project i need to get this theme unresponsive, is this possible? I tried to adjust the @media qeuries, however this didn’t work. Thnx for the great theme, it’s beautiful!

  139. Grafikmen says:

    Thanks this is very nice

  140. Yana says:

    my theme is not displaying images! help me!

  141. Very nice theme, i installed on wordpress 4.0.1

  142. Adament is a free premium responsive WordPress theme , Great theme

  143. The code is well done and good graphics

  144. john says:

    best theme.. i always like fab themes..

  145. thisi says:

    Your current theme does not have support for the Options Framework plugin.

    what can i do?

  146. سئو says:

    Adament is a free premium responsive WordPress theme from This theme is built onBootstrap 3 framework

  147. STEVE says:

    I am using the adament theme for my website which is fantastic. but when i try to access my site on mobile it does not display menu option.

  148. STEVE says:

    I am using the adament theme for my website which is fantastic. but when i try to access my site on mobile it does not display menu option. pls help me, what do i do?

  149. Hi dear, I am using the adament theme for my website which is fantastic.

  150. You may use these HTML tags and attribute,Thanks

  151. Have good professional website

  152. Peter says:

    Has anyone had an issue with the home page not being responsive and if so do you have a work around or update available?

    Many thanks in advance

  153. پارسا says:

    will not be published. Required fields

  154. […] Adament is a free premium responsive WordPress theme from This theme is built onBootstrap 3 framework. This is a photography WordPress template. This is ideal to setup a photography related website. Live Demo Download […]

  155. thank you for sharing this post

  156. The theme comes with so many options to customize and the color scheme of the theme

  157. the website started appearing with a black background instead of the images in the google chrome

  158. psd indir says:

    Thanks for sharing. For themes, vectors, psd,

  159. thanks good theme , downloaded

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