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Ebuy WordPress Theme

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Ebuy is our new fabseries theme. This is a product listing theme. If you are an online seller with shops on amazon , e-bay or any other market place, you can list all your products on the Ebuy theme with sale page directed to your third party market place. Ebuy is not an e-commerce theme and it does not depend on any e-commerce plugin. This theme gives you a simple and elegant showcase for your products. The theme is powered with features like custom post type, taxonomies, custom menu, metaboxes, jQuery slider etc. Theme also has an options panel from which you can select to use this theme as a product showcase or a blog

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101 thoughts on “Ebuy

  1. vazancj says:

    Dear, site owner im using this wp themes and i hve upgrade to wp 3.4.1. now custom page navi is nt working. plzzzz gimme a solution for ths. thnks.

  2. Medula says:

    I just fell in love with this theme. Awesome design !

  3. Ashraf says:

    How do i change different price currency ???

    Thanks in advance…

  4. Hamid says:

    Setup Screencasts broken. please upload and fix theme.

  5. Dragos says:

    I have a problem, the theme does not display the product pages numbers, at the bottom of the index properly.

  6. amir says:

    thanks for this theme but a big problem! in the products haven`t tags and if you use plugins like all in one seo, it dose not shown and it is very bad for seo
    can you solve it?
    thanks for your regards

  7. I’m using this theme in, but i dont see the thumbnail :(
    here is my web http://centerol.comule.com/ Thanks

  8. vazan says:

    Hi there,

    I’m using WP Ebuy themes, recently i have update wp package to 3.5.
    now im getting a error on the menu bar, there are sum missing categories in the menu. i cant save the new menu.

    please help me out of this issue.


  9. SoVeryClean says:

    @vazan, It appears that you found a fix for the problem, could you please post your solution?

    @jinsona, if what the previous user says is true, what version of WordPress does this theme target? Which version works with it best?


  10. Very good template. The very use, it has great functionality. My site has the template now, I really like…

  11. I am not being able to display the featured images on my site. It’s showing broken links.. what’s the fix????

  12. nice theme and great videos , god bless you

  13. Danilo says:

    oi galera,

    estou com um problema.

    Meu site nao esta paginando, erro pagina nao encontrada, gostaria de saber como resolvo este problema

  14. Danilo says:

    Hi guys,

    I have a problem.

    My site is not paging, error page not found, I would like to know how can I solve this problem

  15. ivazancj says:

    @ Danilo, do not upload the theme via filezilla or any othr client soft. directly upload via WordPress.

  16. David says:

    Super cool theme. I have put this in my blog but blog is bit slow. :(

  17. simple and elegant but premium design.
    nice themes.

  18. Aundrea says:

    Hi there..love this template is there anyone who happens to know how to take off the BUY NOW buttons? Thanks :)

    • Eric says:

      Go through this page “single-goods.php” and delete this line:
      <a href="ID, ‘wtf_purchase’, true); echo $purchase; ?>” title=”” target=”_blank”> Buy Now

  19. Eric says:

    I also have a problem with pagination after I goes through the page 5, it’s appeared the “NOT FOUND” page. How do I can solves this problem?

  20. tonyyi says:

    dear my friend.
    i want to know how should become my recently product change 10 items to 12 items tks.

    can you make a video to me ?

  21. andre says:

    hi there,

    I also have a problem with button “Product RSS “, this button have a problem error like this:
    “ERROR: rss2?post_type=goods is not a valid feed template.”

    can you help me please for solve the error?


  22. Ukun says:

    Hi there,
    Is it possible to add multiple images to product page (post)?

  23. Micah says:

    How do you change the “>>” symbols to indicate a submenu on the main menu? I would rather it be a down arrow symbol instead of the “>>” Thanks!

  24. WOW, Another great wordpress theme from fabthemes.
    Here, I am using this theme for this site:

    Best Regards,

  25. Kemar Harris says:

    How can i modify this theme to add another page template?

  26. Edwin Neira says:

    Muchas gracias por la planilla, quedo agradecido

  27. Mike says:


    Why the Post title and the Siderbar title all in capitals ?

    I also can’t find the css text-transform.

    Please help me to solve this.


    • Jinson says:

      [Marked as spam by Antispam Bee | Spam reason: Server IP]
      The font used for titles consists only capital glyphs. it is not specified via CSS.

  28. Mike says:


    I checked the box for Allow comments in my Page, but it still won’t appears a “Leave A Reply” field.

    Need suggestions.

    Thanks and have a nice day.

  29. i can’t make the page navigation for my site inspite of edit my function.php
    Help me plz

  30. chris says:

    I’m getting the following error when I try to install:

    Could not copy file. /home/xxxxxx/www.xxxxxxxxxxxx.com/wp-content/upgrade/Ebuy2/Ebuy/css/prettyphoto.css

  31. Just found out your post, How to download this? Thankyou

  32. Thank you very beautifully Templates

  33. Awesome faboulous theme, You rock Thanks

  34. You have created a great theme, fantastic design

  35. David says:

    Como me puedo descargar el tema?,he publicado comentarios y le he dado a me gusta y no me deja.
    Un saludo.

  36. ebuy is one of my favourite Themes, really crisps

  37. […] Ebuy is a Free WordPress eCommerce theme. The theme is powered with features like custom post type, taxonomies, custom menu, metaboxes, jQuery slider etc. Theme also has an options panel from which you can select to use this theme as a product showcase or a blog. More Info… […]

  38. szseo says:

    not bad theme , thanks F.T

  39. سئو says:

    i can’t make the page navigation for my site inspite of edit my function

  40. You have created a great theme

  41. Ashish Patel says:

    Hi someone please provide the exact solution to page navigation problem.
    Where to modify the function.php? and which plugin to install?

  42. Seiichi says:

    This theme is great.
    I also hope that this theme is to upgrade to Responsive Web Design.

  43. sohbet says:

    It was interesting

  44. You mean share and take it for free!!.This is unbelievable.Thanks a Billion

  45. nice theme and great videos , god bless you

  46. Park Nguyen says:

    Paging not working on wordpresss 3.8.
    Page not found when I click page 2.
    Help me.

  47. Hi
    I know ebuy as a successful company, I hope to be successful as soon as possible

  48. Muhammad Aasim says:

    Kinldy tell me how to remove sponsers heading from right sidebar.. as it is not controlled from widgets section, I am unable to remove it

  49. new era says:

    Valentine Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

  50. بورس says:

    Hello,I have looked your website.It’s so great!

  51. Andrew says:

    Hi! Thanks a lot for this great free theme! I’m using it on http://klimatgrand.ru/

  52. Alex says:

    Another great wordpress theme.
    Here, I am using this theme for this GSM site:

  53. cms says:

    tanx admin i like your site

  54. Hello there
    I just installed your theme on my template annuaire.Le is superb but I have a big problem with pagination.J ‘have wordpress 3.9. I saw in the comments a change to do but it does not work.
    could you please help me
    thank you very much

  55. HI, My problems is… On the shop page my product is displayed in a straight line. I would like it to display in a grid view like the feature page. Is this possible? What do i do if so?

  56. are these themes suitable for all version of wp?

  57. thanck you

    very very goooooood

  58. Alex says:

    Very good theme, pleasant to use

  59. very very goooooood

  60. thanks admin i like your site
    very nice

  61. سئو says:

    great post thank you

  62. Thank your for your post.
    This is amazing theme.

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