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Avenue wordpress theme

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You might have to slap yourself to believe that this is a free theme.  Avenue is the very best free real estate theme you will get your hands on. This theme is fully loaded like any premium real estate theme out there. But here you can download this beauty for free and setup a powerful real estate listing website on your own. The theme comes with wordpress features like Custom post types, custom menus, custom taxonomies, Custom meta boxes, featured thumbnails, Theme options etc.



  • Real estate theme
  • Custom post type
  • Custom taxonomy
  • Custom menu
  • Custom metabox
  • Featured thumbnails
  • Custom templates
  • Theme options
  • Widgetized sidebar
  • Banner ads


I have created a screencast to explain the process of setting up the property listings. This will help you understand the process.

Setup property listings

Theme options

4.18 avg. rating (83% score) - 113 votes

  • Sergio

    Hello, we instaled your template Avenue for WordPress. But our images not appear, i do all that u put on your usser guide adding new posts, but we haven´t seen our images.

    Can u help me?

    • Waheed

      Nice My favt Theme thanks

    • Stephanie

      Did you get an answer on this one? I’m having the same problem with the images not showing up.

      • Jasa SEO Makassar

        Thanks for sharing this theme

    • Minuette

      I have the same problem as You Sergio. Any Solutions?

  • Sergio

    Hello, we instaled your template Avenue for WordPress. But our images not appear, i do all that u put on your usser guide adding new posts, but we haven´t seen our images.

    Can u help me?

    Please, response me by email.


  • thonny

    Hello, how can I make the translation of the theme? Thank you.

  • thonny

    Taking advantage, how do I insert an image in place of the text of the title

  • Frank

    I was wondering, for the themes that show full width background images, what is the optimal image size we should be uploading?

  • Gustavo

    Hello.. i have the same problem as Sergio.. Can you help me?

  • Daniel

    Hello. I like very much this theme, and i would like to change the header for an image. I have not advanced skills to know if i can do that, and so far is not premium paid theme I don’t know either if you allow me to do it. Yhank you in advance.

    • Danilo

      Hi daniel cant you change the text to img?

  • Prodaja Stanova Zagreb

    @thonny – i think it’s better for SEO purposes to leave text instead of image…

    beautiful theme!!

  • Niall

    Not sure about the adverts on the sidebar but other than that, looks pretty good!

  • gagliardi

    Hi friend, I have one site with this theme but I change delay to 1 in effects.js but the slider don´t change automatic – where more I need to change ? – really very good theme – thanks …

  • Pradeep

    good work.thank you so much sharing your effort.

  • kok

    heloo excelent theme , can u tell me code for add last post on sidebar. I mean last post of avenue theme ?

  • Medula

    Thanks for sharing. Nice theme.

  • Oyun

    I loved the dropdown menus.

  • Ozhan

    Really nice theme. Thanks for sharing.

  • ronspok

    Great theme BUT why just one image only per insertion?

  • Amelia

    I am also having the same issue as Sergio… I tried selecting an image as the “featured image” but the image doesn’t show up for the listing or on the home page where they show the featured listings.

  • Geography

    Hello jinson ! This theme is slider problems. Slider not working. No interval =1000 ms .No slider transistion..Why? Please me, thanks…

  • Jamsine

    I cannot search listing via property type. Only the postings can be searched via property type. Can somebody help me?

  • Tony

    It is one of the powerful themes of wordpress.

  • cem

    Slider not working… 🙁 What is problem

    • Rade Milovic

      type featured in Featured Posts Slider Tags Avenue theme homepage option in Dashboard and add tag featured to 5 post you want to be on the slider

  • Lucas

    Hi there, I love your Real Estate theme. The only problem I’m finding is that the slider on the home doesn’t change slides. There’s no automatic transition, the only way to change slide is by clicking on the the slide dots. Is there a way to resolve this?
    Thanks again, kind regards.

  • ciprian

    I instaled the theme but yhe slider dosen’t i can’t find how to make it work. When i say that it dosen’t it meeans that it is not apearing on my site.
    Can you help me??

  • Dude that needs help

    For some odd reason, the blog posts (wordpress loop) is not working. I have checked the code and I don’t see any problems with it.

    Please help.

  • Joliene

    Hi all, great theme TheAvenue. I am having some difficulty though, can anyone help. The listing page where it says “Are you interested in this property” and next to it is a black box button with white text saying “Contact me now”.

    My question is, (1) how can I change the email address for that button, and (2) can I make it unique for every listed property?

    Thanks in advance.

  • codes reduction la redoute

    Usually do not discuss about it ones well-being to one even less happi as compared with all by yourself.

  • Jun

    I lost my post buttons as you can see the picture below. How to get it back?

  • K T Reddy

    Thankyou for good theme. i have facing problem about photos on category posts. Photos are not looking on category list but when we click on post it will looking. why photos are not looking? and i need some more facilities on this theme
    1. Listings posting facility for any one with time limitation ( ex. if any one posts his property on listings it has to be expire on 16 th day like…..)
    2. Rotating of Featured images
    Is it poss

  • K T Reddy

    Thankyou for good theme. i have facing problem about photos on category posts. Photos are not looking on category list but when we click on post it will looking. why photos are not looking? and i need some more facilities on this theme
    1. Listings posting facility for any one with time limitation ( ex. if any one posts his property on listings it has to be expire on 16 th day like…..)
    2. Rotating of Featured images
    Is it poss

  • hotel di bandung

    wow amazng wordpress template..

  • nadur

    hi, i’ve a problem with images, not appear, how can i do? Thanks!

  • meg

    why are the featured images (on slider) not moving automatically (no transitions)?

    • Jared

      hi you, did you sovle this problem yet?

  • hasan çelikel

    my theme not shows featured images. please help

  • saqi

    for more info see this site

  • Nancy

    One of the best themes i have used.

  • carlos

    have a little problem , the link to detailed info of the property, doesnt work , how to fix this ?

    • sadia

      is you problem fixed now? if yes how you did it?

  • Carlos

    have a little problem , the link to detailed info of the property, doesnt work , how to fix this ?
    thanks for your support

  • Alexandru

    I want to use the Avenue Real Estate theme for my company’s website but the problem that I have is that I want words like Location/Property Type/Square Feet Area/Bedrooms/Type of Listing/Price Range to be in another language (romanian) as it targets romanian buyers.How do I change those ? Please help me out.

  • javad

    hi your slider do not show please help me .

  • carson

    I am trying to add a logo instead of text and i killed my lettering and logo lol. Nothing is showing up now in that field i used

    But nothing any help would be appreciated!!!!

  • agus

    why slider not work? can you help me…

  • Yaroslav

    A template doesn’t show a slider, if any thinks about , pls

  • Catalin

    How can I insert more then 1 picture per listing? Maybe I don’t know how to do that or is simply impossibly? Thanks!

  • Andres

    The theme was working great… slider functioning…
    Featured Images was selected for featured listings (had 2) , number of slides on theme was selected. (had 5) (tried with 2)

    Today I wake up and slider dont show any images….
    Things I did:
    – I was trying to make slider change between 2 listings: auto…
    I tried a few new plugins which were working but deactivated just in case.

    *** I remember I went to NextGen Gallery Plugin and clicked on:
    1) Check plugin/theme conflict – Said GOOD
    2) Test image function – “said something about could create new images or something”
    3) Check theme compatibility – “said , there was No conflict”
    4) Cache permissions are OK = 755
    I don’t know what else I can do to see featured images on listing slider again and on the two listings…

    Is is cache CORUPTION or something with NGG Gallery? or something with TOOL (convert categories to tags) which I believe I never did. (but not sure)

    What else can I do to fix it? Please help me or bring me some light if u can! MUCH THANKS for your theme and I am really sorry to bother you…I really loved this theme, while it was working for me… Was ready to edit some bkngds and logo…

    I am just starting business and really bankrupt to pay for themes, but I can donate $5 if u help me fix my issue… Thanks!

  • Andres

    Hi !

    My problem was with PLUGIN JETPACK’s – PHOTON … Everything good after I deactivated Photon CDN!…

    Thanks again… I will donate (SOON) when I find a way, because you deserve it! Good vibes to you!

  • Sonal

    When i select to show listing on home page from theme options. it doesn’t show any listing on home page?

    How to show listing on any page? Is their any shortcode>
    reply asap

  • Shirish

    Awsome work man … I have activated the Avenue theme on my website.
    There are some problems .. will check first if unable to solve then will comment it here .. Thanks for the great theme.

  • Caco

    This is just great, but i want to translate the theme, there is a .po file for it?? please, its kinda urgent. Thanks.

    • Ulises

      Do you find how to translate?

  • John

    How do you remove some of the property features like “Garage” and “Bedroom” from displaying?

  • ali

    sir, I love your ur work,& its great for my website.
    I am making a website for online printer cartridge selling and refilling, want to use your theme.
    but I want to change the listing names such as….location into model,
    property type into cartridge type ..etc.
    How would i do that.
    Any help is appreciated.
    ready to donate..

  • Daniel

    In Avenue, the theme options link does not appear under Appearance.
    I tried to reinstall; I added the Options Framework plugin. I get the following message: Your current theme does not have support for the Options Framework plugin.
    Any help welcome.

  • Bogdan

    First I am interesting how can i make the browse listing support more then one criteria, if that is possible i would like very much a email, and second i would like to categoriez all the listings there
    *For rent
    * Flat (6)
    * Villa (3)
    *For sale
    thank you in advance

  • Stephanie

    I’m having trouble seeing the images I upload – Do they have to be a certain size?

  • Don

    The download button for the wordpress Avenue Real estate theme is not working. how can I download the theme?

    • Yasmine

      You have to like or share the site (underneath the download button) to have it let you download it.

  • Jasa pembuatan website

    a very good template for the property, simple and friendly for user

  • Daniel Trejo


    I installed your theme at my website, it looks awesome and all, but when I click on any listing, or if I go and select from the selector (location, property type, etc), it is not showing anything, and also I notice the page not found on the top tab address.

    if I create a new listing, as soon as I finish, I click on preview and it does not show anything, I copied the permalink, and type it on a new window and shows page not found, thing is that the main page shows right there.

    I believe I setup everything correctly, I revised several times, it just simply doesnt work, I checked on your help page, and I tried installing the framework plugin, but as soon as I installed I received a notice that it’s not supported.

    any help with this? Im using wordpress version 3.6.1


    • Jared

      I’m having the same issue. Any resolution to this problem?


    • sadia

      i am facing the same problem . any solution?

  • Anila

    Its really an awesome theme, and i have seen a lot of sites using this. It has come up with beautiful styles and a slider.

  • Yasmine

    I’m creating a site for a client and the slider isn’t working. When I set the listing to “featured” it pops up, but if I try to make another listing “featured” it places that second image underneath the first one and covers the portion of the site that shows off all listings underneath it.

    How can I fix this? I’ve read through the comments but can’t find a fix.

    The site is currently being hosted on: AARManagement.com


  • silviu

    Thanks for this theme.Very nice theme!

  • Yasmine

    I’m trying to recreate a client’s site but this time around the listings don’t go to a new page for the full description. It says 404 error on the tab on the browser and just stays at the home page. Same thing when you try selecting categories to look through.

    Did I miss a step?

    • Yasmine

      The site is realtyleadersohio.com by the way.

      • Andy

        Hi, Yasmine

        I’m trying to use this theme and found the same problem – 404 error.

        The site looks fine now. How did you solve the problem?

      • sadia

        how did you manage to fix this?

  • robert

    In “Browse Listing” widget can i make remember all options? so people can select location, property type and number of bedrooms all together?

    • Gabriel

      I need help! I have the same problem, In “Browse Listing” widgets need multiple options avaible.

      Please help

  • patricio

    veremos com anda…

  • Sergio

    Write the a list of necessary pluggins for this theme/
    Thakn you!

  • sadia

    Hi, i installed this theme couple of days ago and all internal links are not wokring. I am getting a ‘page not found error’. kindly help.

  • kumar

    i have shared facebook linkdin, but the download line is not enabled please help me

  • kumar


    i shared facebook, twitter, linkdin, gmail but download is not enable please help me

  • Danilo

    How cant input a logo on my web project, i try to change the code but, the css is broken when i change the code text to image

  • Anat

    Is there anyone answering questions here?
    Is there any actual support page to this theme showing how problems are solved?

  • Andy

    I like this theme too. However, if my customer want to enquiry to see three properties in the same time, how to do? Any extra function like add to cart and then submit in one enquiry?

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  • reddy

    i installed Avenue 1year back, now this theme was missed. how i fixed it.

  • Julie


    I added a listing type of “in escrow” and was hoping that would make an “in escrow” block appear on the featured image (similar to the “featured” block that shows up when that listing type is selected) but, alas, there is no designation on the main image when I select “in escrow” as the listing type. Is that an option I need to enable somewhere in the backend?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Banu

    Hallo, is there any possibility to translate the theme in german?

  • Gitana


    Thank you for this fab theme!!!
    I can’t get support from wordpress though 🙁

    Im having trouble getting rid off the right sidebar. I made a new page where sidebar doesn’t appear but the sidebar space cannot be filled, it pushes texts and images.

    Please help! Thank you for your time.


  • irasubiza

    i have first to thank those who are build this theme but i have to tell you something you have to edit and yo make slide show

  • Lim Socheat

    Hi all,

    I really love this theme, it really nice for real estate.
    In the addition, I want to show the recent listing in the side bar as a recent post.

    Please help me! wish to here it soon.

  • McSneaky


    I was wondering if I can make it somehow so, that I can take different kind of search filters at once and then press “Search” button? At the moment it searches as soos as I click on something in dropdown menu.

    For example I´d like to choose Property Type as house and City as Berlin, but at the moment I can choose only one.


  • bruno

    nice theme

  • nomor cantik

    I made a website with this theme. With little modification. This look awesome and also its easy to modify accounting to your need . just check this sample and give you review about this theme…nice

  • Tomasz Kielski

    I like the idea to downoad and setup this theme, then possibly make some editions on my own, but I need some info in advance on how much do you charge for the commercial licence. I could not find it anywhere on the site.

  • Pie

    Hi guys

    Thanks for this theme it looks nice , everything is fine for me on this theme the problem is that my LOGO does not display anyone with the solution?

  • kain flanel

    nice theme..

  • benang jahit

    Simple and cool.. vote 5 for you

  • Andy

    Is Avenue theme version 1.2 responsive?

  • Gary Kay

    Cool theme, look forward to developing our hotel real estate site…thank you



  • Gary Kay

    Quick question – is there anyway to have more than 1 image? Like most standard property sites it’s crucial to have a selection of images…something like a scroll facility or anything?

  • nomor cantik

    i use this theme, very easy to used….thanks for theme

  • Rumah Klaten

    I install this theme but the featured thumbnail won’t work, how can I fix that?

  • Sprei Linen

    Great themes with great purpose! Love it!

  • free wordpress themes

    You might have to slap yourself to believe that this is a free theme , Thanks

  • Rayssa

    Hi: Love this theme.
    I am working on it. How can I add some issue like m2 to the listing ?

  • Vevomack

    Wow…. I’m in love with the structure..

  • ArthurWeb

    Hellow In waht file opens listing single view?

  • gagatek

    i have problem, I made few listenings, i published it but i dont know what to do, to show it on main page…

  • Roy

    I could not get the theme to work. I tried to upload it as a ZIP and then sent via FTP. As soon as i went to preview it all the colours were missing an most of the boxes. I looked nothing like it should have done
    please help

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  • Donovan

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    • Remove the comments field on every page
    • Remove “Archive” and “Meta” from footer.
    • Add more pictures to the properties
    • Add a link to the properties
    My images are also not showing and remain broken
    Is there a manual for these changes?

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